The other night on More 4 which is a UK channel I was watching a Father Ted marathon. Father Ted is a well known British/Irish comedy written by the fantastic Graham Linehan. Though this one marathon was not normal. This episode has scenes of death.

Speed 3 (Death of Dougal) If you know the episode Speed 3, You will know it well for being a Spoof of the movie Speed. In this episode you may know that a perverted milkman named Pat Mustard had been seducing all of the women on craggy island and Ted managed to get the dirty fecker sacked.

However Pat Mustard managed to put a bomb on the Milk van that Father Dougal was driving. The episode seemed very much normal but that was until the end. Ted and the other priests had spent most of the episode trying to save Dougal and in the end they succeed. Though sadly in this episode they gave up and did not save him.

Dougal was sitting there driving a Milk Van singing 'Amazing Grace' to himself when suddenly he hears a beep sound. This bit disturbed me like hell and could not believe they made it or even accidentally aired it for that matter!

The Milk Van explodes and you see Dougal burning to his death, Dougal drags himself to the side of the road and slowly dies.

It then cut to Ted and Mrs Doyle crying by a grave saying 'Father Dougal Mcguire - An innocent priest killed by bomb' Ted then looked at Mrs Doyle and told her 'I shall convert to Satan himself' He then went over to Mrs Doyle and snapped her neck. I felt like crying as I could not believe what I was seeing. Ted then looked at the camera and said 'The new world order is coming so hail Satan.' It then cut to no credits.

I sat there confused and jumped straight onto my laptop and e mailed Graham Linehan and More 4 for this disgraceful making.

Graham then sent a message back saying how an unknown writer had joined them to make this episode. This writer had been jailed for several murders including an attempeted murder of an innocent priest who volunteered as a Milkman. Graham called the police and this man has been jailed for life. Graham Linehan then changed the episode around and made the ending happy.

But I must warn you, If More 4 air this again then be warned. They never gave up on Dougal and the people hopefully scrapped the bit of film after accidentally showing it. That half a lost episode has stuck with me forever.

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