The VHS those kids found.

Everyone knows that teenagers can sometimes turn into juvenile delinquents, escpecially in America, and it usually gets them nowhere, but there was one occasion when something did become of such teens. A group of five, four boys and one girl, were quarrelling in the night about something or other, when the eldest boy stepped on someting hard. It made a loud cracking noise. 

Peering down, he and his friends shone a light on the object, which turned out to be a box containing a VHS. The box lid was cracked, but the actual tape was still intact. It had the words "FANGCRY.AVI" scribbled on it in red marker. The eldest boy's house was nearby, so they went in and put the VHS in the video player. 

It turned out to be a lost episode of Redwall. The intro played as normal, but the title of the episode made no sense. "Fangburn Cry" What the hell kinda title is that? The kids all wondered. The episode started. It showed a large, tattooed, hunchbacked rat named Fangburn, standing in Mossflower wood in the middle of the night. 

However, something seemed a little out of place. Fangburn wasn't saying anything. He was just staring at the camera with his usual dopey expression, blinking slowly. He just stared like that for about 30 seconds in total silence, before the faintest sound of an out of tune music box could be heard playing in the background.

The music grew progressively louder, and as it did so, Fangburn's lip trembled, and he began to cry. This wasn't cartoon crying, but realistic crying in pain. Fangburn fell to his knees, his hunched shoulders heaving. He covered his face with his hands, still sobbing. Suddenly, his tears turned into blood, and his sobbing started to sound like laughter. This went on for two minutes, before the screen abruptly cut to black. It stayed like that for 20 seconds, before Fangburn came back onto the screen again. 

His eyes were closed, and he was slowly turning his head from side to side, making a murmuring noise. It wasn't proper talking though, but more like a gurgled cry. Once he had made that horrible sound, he would put his hands over his eyes, before making the cry again, and it went around and around on a loop like that for ages. When it eventually stopped, some German text came up on the screen, with the translation underneath it. "The sights of hell bring its viewers back in." 

After watching that video, four members of the gang comitted suicide, apart from the eldest boy, whose name was Desmond. He felt like the video had a curse on it, and decided to take it to the Warren's Occult Museum, where it was kept out of sight from everyone. So, from now on, when you watch the Redwall TV series, and you see a character called Fangburn, just whisper the words, "Don't cry," and look him in the eyes. It could save your life.