(THIS PASTA HAS SIMALARITES WITH SOLOMON FIX.EXE so don't go hurr durr you copied solomon fix.exe no its made up! also this trollpasta)


Screenshot from the video



I am a BIG fan of the Nicktoons 'fanboy and chum chum'. I Was on Youtube, Watching Luigikid Vids When I came Across "fanboy.exe" a parody of fanboy playing something... Sonic.EXE? or... The video's thumbnail didn't suprise me much, it was just black, I thought it was a little strange, but I didn't care much. I didn't get to see the video's title, because near instantly after clicking it, it went to fullscreen. It looked like any other Cartoon Playing video games, with fanboy's face in the top right of the screen. At first, thinking it was a mistake on the creator's part. there was no game, just a black screen and the creator editted web thingie's webcam. He narraated it like any other game, reacting to everything I couldn't see. The video was ten minutes long, so around five minutes in I paused the video and scrolled to the comments to see what was going on. Every comment was basically "what what what what 9000 tiemXxx IM GOING POOP SOME TAGS GONNA EVERY THINGIE IN MAH POOPOCKET  OHHHHOHHOJIIHIHIIHHHIHHIHIHIHI I MEAN A SKELTON POOPED OUT LOL! also this is a trollpasta

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