This deleted scenes is never came out

i don’t know that day happened of this episode and reading you My story that the day that I almost died it started in may 1 2018 I was telling my brother about the new season of family guy named season 17 and my brother say yes and may 2 2018 I was sitting in my chair to watching all episode and season of cleveland Show and American dad and family guy with my candys and pizza and hot dogs and soda and chicken and cotton candy and popcorn and my cheese pizza and I came across the episode of 17th season named episode ??? And I watch the episode and started with the intro and it cuts to stewie griffin was sitting watching tv at midnight and started to sleeping and the day stewie wake up to see his teddy bear has broken and Brian griffin has waking up to see that he did something and stewie has angry and holds a gun to brian‘s nose and says did you broke my teddy bear? Brian says no and stewie shoots brian and brian Fells down to his death and the griffins where shock to see brian’s Brain has dead and stewie makes the cutaway gag I has shock to see stewie killed Brian and the next day stewie wakes up to see himself in the mental hospital stewie say wh..where am i?! the clawer pulls stewie‘s eyes off and I has scream at the gore on stewie’s eye sockets and it cuts to peter has sitting crying and lois,meg and chirs has not here and thought is the funny episode I think and that part reminds me of brian’s Death and peter say I can‘t do it and what am i? And peter shoots himself to death and the credits started i has shock to see that episode in May 3 2018 i has telling the creator about the episode of family guy........

Why This Pasta Sucks
That part after the intro
That sad part
That part that scared me
And this is what the part looks like