So, does anyone remember the show, Family Guy? Well, you didn't know that Fox re-uploaded the episodes on YouTube, but Fox didn't re-upload an early version of the episode called "Joe's Revenge". Yes, I know that it was aired in some countries.

It was 10:10, I stayed up because I couldn't sleep. I decided to watch some TV. I was channel surfing. Suddenly, I changed the channel to BBC Three. Doctor Who was just finishing, then the announcer said that Family Guy is coming up next.

After the 3-part commercial break, the new episode was finally coming on. I was excited, so I made some popcorn with some apple juice. When I came back, it just skipped the theme. "That's weird", I thought to myself.

The episode started with Joe in his room, looking very angry because he is getting sick and tired of Peter. He then said "I AM GOING TO KILL PETER!". He then runs out from his room to go outside. He saw Peter who was running away.

Joe then get a chainsaw so that he can kill Peter. Joe then chased Peter, he threw his chainsaw at Peter and Peter screamed in pain when he saw blood coming out from his body.

Joe then got his chainsaw out of Peter and he laughed because Peter is finally dead. He carried Peter to his house. It then cuts to Joe inside with Peter's dead body. He then said "Sweet dreams, Peter" while holding a Desert Eagle.

He then ripped off Peter's head with blood spraying all over the camera, the blood was either food colour or was it... REAL.

Now instead of the credits rolling, there was a black screen for 30 seconds.

It then cut to Peter's dead body which looks not that realistic, but a bit real than computer-animated graphics.

Then the screen went black... AGAIN. This time... it took for 43 seconds. Then text appeared in Korean, saying "Killer Joe is watching you, Jordan".

Then the TV turned itself off. I tried turning it back on, but it wouldn't. I let out a scream and smashed the TV with the giant hammer.

The next day at 07:49, I looked up IMDb to see if there was any searches for the episode. None. I went to Yahoo Mail and contacted Fox about this:

"Where did you find this episode, we are sorry that your dreams have been crushed! One day, there was a guy named Max, he was hired in 2001, but got fired in 2007 for making these kind of episodes. We are sorry for making you scared and we will sent you great stuff!".

Then they just sent me The Cleveland Show DVDs, The Simpsons VHSs, American Dad! DVDs and more. There was also one more thing, it was in a cake package, it was a "we are sorry" cake.

I ate the cake anyway and kept my VHSs and DVDs for my little cousin. I kept the other stuff.

Also, one more thing, DO NOT WATCH JOE'S REVENGE! If this episode is somewhere, don't watch it.

Thank you taking time for reading this.

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