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There, in the corner of the dimly-lit coffe shop I sat. The waiter had brought me a nice cup of warm water, while I sat in one of the tables on my laptop, surfing the web. 

I then decided to go to YouTube and watch someone fall off a box or a man swallow an apple. I then searched for Fairly OddParents episodes. Then, I saw one that was weird.... it was called " Dank Timmy." Possibly thinking this could be a Weird special, I clicked on it, curious. The page took 1000 years to load. 

After an eternity, the page loaded. The episode started with Timmy reading a book. Wanda appears and says that they can grant Timmy anymore wishes.

"WHAT?!" Timmy snorts. "THIS IS A MEME!" Timmy shouts. Wands then looks downcast. "Sorry spoot, but our wands got broken and need to be fixed." Wanda said, obviously sorry. "But Wanda I want Internet explorer!..." Timmy says. Wanda repeats. "I'm sorry, but our wands are MLG!" Timmy then looks confused. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'MLG'?".

Cosmic brownie appears, looking derpy like Wanda. "It's fake Timmy," Cosmo starts "our wands were broken by a crazy pedophile!". "COSMO!" Wanda shouts "Our wands were broken when we dropped them! Not by a pedophile. "Oh! I totally forgot yo!". Wanda looks back at Timmy, who is triggered. "So, you see, we can grant anymore wishes until our wands are memeified." 

Timmy's eyes then get full of rage. "BUT! IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE MY LIFE MEME, THEN I'M GOING TO MAKE YOUR LIVES MEME!" Timmy shouts. Timmy then starts to turn full meme. His skin gets red and his eyes go rainbow and he has pixel glasses and an obey hat.

Timmy lunges at Windows 9, and sprays mountain dew at her face. He then bites into her wand, and starts eating the meme power. He finishes Wand off and all that's left is its memeless stick. He then turns to Cosmic brownie. He screams and starts running, but Timmy gets him.

Timmy grabs wand #2 and rips out its source of comedy, doge, and traps it. He hugs it whole, and then goes for his mom and dad. He runs downstairs. Timmy's dad has a barbie doll, Timmy shrieks like a girl, and heads for the door. Timmy grabs his doll and rips out its throat, and eats it. 

He tears out the doritos and eats them, before disposing the bag in 1 minute. All that is left is those annoying crumbs. He then goes towrard his mom, she doesn't realize that Timmy has completely been triggered.

He quickly eats his cake and turns to the camera before saying:


Before finding Windows 9 stash of YTPs in her browsing history

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