The possible screencap from the episode

One day, I was watching TV on the living room. The series finale of Geo's World was about to came on. I never miss an episode of Geo's World.

As the clock turned 7:59, the announcer said, "Geo's World is coming on right now". The screen faded into black for about 6 seconds. The intro plays out normal. The name of the episode was "Everybody Dies in 123 Geo's World" It's about a mystery box of sinisters which makes Green Bob crazy and goes on a rampage on Geo Guy's house. At the house, Green Bob plays video games. Geo Guy wants to play, too.

"What's that?" Geo Guy complained.

"Those are video games." Green Bob demanded.

"Video games?" Geo Guy thought.

"Yeah." Green Bob said.

He tried to look at the TV. He wanted to play. "I know that." Geo Guy thought. He looked at the TV as he saw the game at the PlayStation called Crash Bandicoot (it's a game, duh). He wanted to play, too. So Green Bob wanted to play some outdoors such as playing in the swings. He wanted the same thing about...a knife?!

"I don't know what we do! A happy gift!" Green Bob said.

"A happy gift?" Geo Guy asked.

Green Bob pulls out of a present to see it. "It's called an happy gift. It looks like a happy gift but if you are not amused by the happy gift..." said Green Bob. "GET OUT" he said in a sinister voice. His eyes are black and his irises/pupils are red. His eyes being to start crying in bloody tears. He takes out of the secret box and sees a BFF bracelet with a picture of Geo Guy and Green Bob looking like a picture of themselves in the bracelet. Green Bob pushes Geo Guy and uses a knife to stab him.

"HOW DARE YOU?! YOU MONSTER!!!" Geo Guy lets out of a angry cry. He begins to cry ALOT!! So then, Green Bob is mad then, brought a knife. I jumped out of my TV and screamed. This scene gets my body shake.

Geo Girl opens the door.

"GEO GUY! NOOOO!!!" Geo Girl accidentally knocked the snowglobe.

"MY SNOWGLOBE!!" Green Bob gasped. "HOW DARE YOU? I WILL NEVER ALLOW YOU TO BE HAPPY!!" Green Bob yelled in anger. He stabbed Geo Girl in the leg, slices her arms and slices her head in half.

"Please.....I don't let you.....I am sorry...." Geo Girl begins to die.

"My snowglobe......" Green Bob said and ran out crying. Not the cartoon cry either, it sounds realistic... Geo Guy and Geo Girl gasped when he used the letters in blood on the wall, scaring Geo Guy and Geo Girl away, which said "My snowglobe. How dare you break my snowglobe? Please get out by snucking on my box!" that which has red words. I saw it but I got scared and ran away. This is my true nightmare. I got goosebumps and Green Bob is coming to get me.

"My snowglobe. How dare you break my snowglobe? Please get out by snucking on my box! That's the last code!" Geo Guy answered. Green Bob hears screaming.

"That box....Get away from my box or break my snowglobe or I LIKE YOUR FLESH AND TAKE IT FROM YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP!!" Green Bob yelled. I jumped from the couch and kept closing my eyes and screaming for no reason. It was a static but the static went three times and that Green Bob popped out of the TV screen. He opened the box and saw a friendship bracelet.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! GET AWAY FROM THAT BOX!!!" A voice yelled and laughed maniacally. He got crazy and got the axe. GREEN BOB!! I jumped from the couch a lot of times and my teeth chatters for 2 minutes. The axe chopped the door. It was the broken door that was ripped by the axe. The axe ripped the door and there is Green Bob's random face.

"Who said that?" Geo Guy complained.

"HERE'S GREEN BOB!" A quote from The Shining was "HERE'S JOHNNY!" That scene gave me the screams and Green Bob is coming to haunt me and get me so scared. He jumped from Geo Guy and pulls his head out. The served head scene scares me again. I screamed. It gave me nightmares for that.

"I don't know where you at!" Green Bob demanded. "I've been waiting from you, Dr. PBS!!" He turned around at Dr. PBS and he begin to scream. He brings an axe and Dr. PBS accidentally breaks the bracelet.


"What's going on in HERE?!" The nurse came. She got red hair and a yellow updo. She is Nurse Gabrielle. She puts Geo Guy on the hospital bed as she opens the ambulance tail lift and takes him to a hospital. "You are going to be okay, Geo Guy. I will be there for your chicken legs and flesh. There are many flesh that looked like. It looks like it looks inside out for that. Arms, one leg and takes out of a bit of your head out. Sir, put Geo Guy and Dr. PBS to the hospital and open the ambulance tail lift, now!" she said.

"Okay, find the part of Geo Guy's head and Dr. PBS's head. And why?" said Dr. Oram.

"You can't shut up? Why? Put them on the hospital bed and open the tail lift instead to the ambulance and put instead the pieces together and make it as a VIRUS!" Nurse Gabrielle called and used the blood virus. The blood puts away from the flesh.

Meanwhile, Green Bob begins to stab Geo Girl three times and pulls the body to half. I got scared and ran away. Nurse Gabrielle and Dr. Oram are at a hospital. Geo Guy and Dr. PBS got a killer virus of Green Bob. As if you see, Geo Girl died here.

Then, the credits roll, but were they normal? No. The only words that said was "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

And then Modern Family came on.

I went into the bathroom to puke so hard. What I have seen was so fucked-up and twisted. Was this how the Geo's World series was supposed to end?! That was so morbid! IT JUST WASN'T ANY FUCKING FUNNY AT ALL!!! Did anyone else watch this, or was it just me?

The next day I asked ABC about this episode. They told me that they don't even remember airing it, and also, at that time Geo's World was not on. Instead, it was Geo TV! I became so confused. I looked through the internet for this episode, but I couldn't, and I think that it is clear to me that the episode was aired JUST FOR ME! So I posted this on this wiki.

Now, diss this episode in front of me, and I'll literally beat you to a pulp. Literally!