Do you know the popular game Undertale? Well, I will tell a story that will change the viewpoint of each and every fabric of your mind.

I was playing Undertale for the first time, but when I got to Snowdin Forest, I went into battle with what seemed to be... Error Sans?!

*hello again, alexander.

I was shocked and slightly scared, for this was the normal Undertale.

*did you actually think i was going to stand around, waiting for andreanna to play with me?

Wait, who's Andreanna?

*well, she didn't play, so i made her one of me.

A girl with dark-blue skin, light-blue hair, pink eyes, and a white dress with a cyan ribbon appeared.

* D I D   Y O U   W A N T   S O M E T H I N G ,   M A S T E R ?

*end alexander, once and for all!

* Y E S ,   M A S T E R .

Suddenly lime-green bones appeared out of the ground, stabbing my soul, then the screen faded to black, leaving only the soul. Instead of it breaking then shattering, blue strings grabbed it, and the strings squeezed the soul until it shattered. The normal game over screen appeared, but the text read something that scared me a bit more.

* L O O K   B E H I N D   Y O U ,   A L E X A N D E R .

I stood up (I was sitting on a chair) and looked behind me, but I saw nothing. I looked back, and there was Error. I was going to pack my bags and move out of the house, but I was standing there, paralyzed in fear. The paralysis and fear was exactly what Error wanted. My legs wanted me to run, so that's what I did. I ran out of the house as fast as possible, but I couldn't see because it was too dark (it was nighttime). All I remembered of what happened next was hearing a horn from a 18-wheeler...

I woke up in the hospital. The only light was a lamp that was right beside me. Nobody was in the room, except for me and... Error...

"Missed me?"

I got the crutches that were beside me (I broke a leg, and luckily that was all) and started speedily "walking" towards the door, but Error threw me out the window. The hospital room was on the 2nd floor, and I was fine. I kept "walking", until I got home. I locked all of my doors and hid in my closet.

Several weeks after this was written, an unidentified 13-year-old commited suicide via hanging. There was a piece of paper that read, "Error was going to end my life, but I figured that hanging myself would be better than being grabbed by strings."