One summer evening my mother got us some Muppets tapes to watch and I looked to see if Elmo world tapes were in it.

Once I found one I popped it in and watched it. Once the VCR menu came on it had two episodes called " Elmo learns about 666" and "Bloody Mary".

I did not touch the remote to play the video but it started anyway.

Elmo learns about the triangle and eye and he tells us to say bloody Mary 3 times in a mirror and I swear to god I almost saw her coming out of my room mirror and it freaked me out .

Then Elmo sings the closing song and says " Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan " and the year of the of the tape 2013 came on the sreecen in blood then a mirror photo of Bloody Mary came on for 5-6 mins.

Next after I left the room I heard the the TV fall to the ground with the tape out in a pool of blood with my walking Elmo doll holding a knfie .

The cover of the tape was called A Muppet Christmas Coral but I ripped the tape of to see that it was really called the 3:00 challenge video.

I his the tape in my basement never to see it again along with my Elmo doll .