Many people may remember the british youtube show Eddsworld, it was great and everyone loved it. But I have something to tell you and it is dark.

One day in May 1763 I was searching for cockmama episodes on Youtube when I saw an episode called cockmama Unaired Episode. Curious I clicked on it. The title card read Matt's Dick in a black background white text and no music. The episode begins with cock and mama coming home from the grocery store when Matt open's the door and drags them to the living room where a commercial was playing however something was off the music was replaced with corrupted 8 bit noises and the sky was a light red color and the sun was light tan. When dragged them in to the kitchen it was a commercial for a train trip to Medirteranean Destinations. Matt says "Lets take the train to Greece where there is tons of sun and high cliffs, and we can see the Parthenon agreed to this and booked a train ride.

Text appeared saying "1 week passed" and featured the boys boarding their train and they were excited for the vacation. The boys were having a good time on the train however 5 minutes later they were in the dining car consuming some burgers when the brakes came on. Matt said "What's Happening"? The screen suddenly cuts to my mommy and i dieded