Ed edd eddy episode 875 is a lost episode thats theclaim say of the lost episode it begain with a lost ed edd N eddy episode.

The pasta

so do anyone use to watch ed edd edd eddd edd n eddy cartoons? ñO one use to watch it in 19999 they use one of the ed edd n eddy episodes 1 to 13 the ed edd n eddy episode was 875 it was a lost episode from season 1 I was show shocked that the episode was realistic the episode begans with DD and jimmy going a shop called ddd09qqqqqqqq0000e ed market.I got Shocked again That store was a messed up name.Jimmy and sarah got teddy toy Called this is the dinosaur jam'this is op jam'.IT should not happen Because it was totally ridonlulsu and so Jimmy and Sarah went to the race with rulf johnny and kevin. I Thought i Dont know.How the person with one missing eye. all the neibor hoods burned to death.jonny say DON"T DO IT! He did ot know how the neiborhoods Got a Burned. He did't5 thrught the stomach after 18 minutes They all Die.There was a piece of spanish text Saying For things of All.

Update:December 16 2009

After the tape was Done.Everyone agreed to translated the Text To make a commited Suicide.It was a Horror on the Internet.Dont wacthed that lost episode at Night.