I was at goodwill and found A Dukey and friends vhs tape! I went home and popped it in vhs player. The intro is normal and it cut to the title card saying "Dukey's Bite". It started with Dukey was walking around before he was bitten He got bitten by a spider, It wasn't animated bite, It was realistic, I could hear a blood curling scream from suicidemouse.avi, I noticed, Dukey was crying very hard, Which made some everyone in dukey town cry blood, I was scared, The bite got worse and worse until Dukey's bite bleed very hard, Dukey killed every one in dukey town, dukey stared at the camera for a minute before he said "Time to kill you". Dukey was coming out of the tv screen but I turned off so fast on my vhs player. I noticed this is a lost tape. If you find this tape, don't watch it or dukey might come out and kill you.

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