"This story has similarities with "Parappa Anime Lost Episode" creepypasta. I just wanted to point that out before people go "HURRR DURRR YOU JUST COPIED PARAPPA ANIME LOST EPISODE CREEPYPASTA". And also, this is only made up. This really isn't supposed to scare you anyway. This was just made for fun. ^-^" Sure, pal. Whatever helps you sleep at night.-VanaV

Drawn Together Lost Episode

One of the possible screencaps of the episodes.

The PastaEdit

Drawn Together is one amazing show. It's one of the funniest animated shows of all time. But there was one time, Comedy Central accidentally aired an episode that was NEVER supposed to be aired on TV. It only aired once. It didn't repeat later on that day either like Drawn Together usually does. This episode was extremely scary since it had blood and gore in it.

Last night, I was playing The Simpsons: Road Rage on my Playstation 2 in my room, then I got bored and went on my laptop.

I went on 4shared to find some files that really ought to interest me, and there I encountered a file known as Drawn Together Original Unaired As you would expect, I was finally interested. I downloaded on 4shared. There were two files: a .txt file called "readme". I opened it.

"This is an unreleased episode of Drawn Together, dated January 3, 2007. This originally planned to end the series, but the idea was scrapped. However, it was aired in some other countries. Watch at your own risk."

I closed the .txt file and there was a movie file that went by the name of DrawnTogetherUnaired.avi. I then double clicked the movie file as Windows Media Player popped up.

At first, there was a minute of pure static. Then it cut to the intro, but something was wrong about it.

The animation looked very rough, like it wasn't finished yet. The audio was also pitched down two octaves and was in g-major. So after the intro, of course, the name of the episode appeared. It had a black background and the text was bloody red and said Spanky and Ling Ling the Killers. As you would expect, I was very shocked. But I thought at first that this was maybe just a morbid joke, seeing how this episode looked somewhat unfinished. It skipped the pre-title card thing. I snagged a screenshot of it, imported it to Paint.NET and saved it to my computer. I still have the file, called it "image24.png". So I finally got to see the episode.

It starts out with Spanky playing a video game. However, the game he was playing was a survival horror game. Spanky had a cruel look on his face. Then Ling Ling comes in and asks Spanky to talk to him. When he said it, it was in english instead of japanese. Spanky says "Okay.", and they both walked out of Spanky's room.

They both planned to kill everyone in the house. Oh, I don't believe it.

Toot went to take a shower, but Spanky came in there to kill Toot. Then, Xandir was very afraid to run now. But, Foxy was sitting on one of the couches felling a little suspicous. Act one ended with the shot of Foxy.

When act two started, Wooldoor was sitting on his bed, crying. The crying went on and on, it got more pained, and sounded more realistic, better acting than you would think possible. The animation started to decay even more as he cried, and you could hear murmuring in the background. The character could barely be made out, he was stretching and blurring, he looked like deformed shadows with random bright colors thrown on him.  This sobbing went on for all of act two.

Act three opened with Wooldoor still crying on his bed. he touch his eye and cried. he cried really loudy and super loud. Then, shows to the scene where he had soulless black eyes and he was in sepia tone. His mouth is completely gone. I snagged another screenshot of it, imported it to Paint.NET and saved it to my computer. I still have the file, called it "wooldoor.png". The picture scares the hell out of me. Though it reminds me of a Deku Shrub, because of those hollow eyes.

Screaming is heard in the background. the screen switchs to someone's dead body in the ground laying. The corpse appeared to be Captain Hero. Spanky and Ling Ling both hated Hero. In fact, they hated everyone else.

Act three ended with the shot of Spanky and Ling Ling's killer. When act four started, Ling Ling and Spanky are trying to kill Clara, Toot, Wooldoor, Xandir, Hero, and Foxy with machine guns and they eventually succeed. The final image was Ling Ling and Spanky killing themselves on the floor, but all drawn in hyper realistic. Then the lost episode ends with a message saying:

"Everyone died. The series has now ended. Goodbye."

For some reason, the credits didn't roll.

I deleted the avi and txt files. There is no way I will EVER experience something like that again.

I had nightmares about this episode, sometimes I dreamt about the creepy Wooldoor picture. Sometimes I saw it at night when I'm tried to sleep, just out of the corner of my eye. It's always brief, but I always felt it watching me. So this episode still haunts my dreams until this day.

Now, if you see this episode laying around, stay away from it! Thank you!