Dragon Tales- Cassie's Gone

Dragon Tales- Cassie's Gone

I am never watching Dragon Tales again.

It was my own little night, to watch old shows I hadn't watched in forever so I decided I would watch Dragon Tales. I flipped the TV on to PBS kids, and there it was, and I was there just in time. It was already playing the theme song, except the background was black and white.. and the song's rhythm was messed up. I clicked "guide" on my remote to see the title of the programme.

It was, 'Cassie's gone!'. I was feeling uneasy and wanted to flip the channel, but curiosity got the better of me and pulled me into it. I started to watch, and it started with Emmy & Max in their playroom as normal. They did their little chant and flashed into Dragon Land. Cassie was standing there, along with Ord, Zak & Wheezie.

But Zak had red eyes.

And sharp teeth.

He mumbled something and this is what I heard.

Cassie is going today guys. Are we going to have a party?

I am pretty sure the other characters understood, as they shrieked and frowned after he said this. Wheezie was crying after he said that, and Emmy asked "What's wrong with him?."

She shook her head as if she didn't know, and then out of the blue, Zak grabbed Cassie's neck and ripped some skin off. Cassie screamed, and the other characters began to. Wheezie cried more, and Ord tried to jerk him off. I was horrified. Zak threw Ord off, and he hit the ground.

Everything that was happening sounded real. The crying, ripping, and the screams. I grabbed my stuffed animal, (don't laugh) and hugged it tight.

Zak continued to rip until what looked like real blood and guts were coming out of Cassie. The others tried to stop him, but they couldn't. Eventually, Cassie died, and Zak lost his red eyes and sharp teeth. He went back to his normal self, and asked what happened. It faded to black and that was it.. They didn't go back or anything. That was it. Cassie died. My happiness faded, along with my love for Dragon Tales..