Do you remember the Nick Jr. kids show, Dora The Explorer? Does anyone else? Well, it was rumored that there is an early reel behind Dora the Explorer. The producers of Dora the Explorer explained this early reel is too disturbing and too gory to be shown on TV.

This Early Reel starts out with the extended version of the normal intro you would see in the final shows, only it seems the intro music is a bit slower tempo and a bit less happier than the final shows. Also, the instruments were somewhat identical than the ones in the final shows, except a bit low quality.

After the intro ended, it fades to Dora staring at the screen for the first 3 minutes in the early reel, when something goes off. The screen flickered black, then back to Dora staring at the screen.

This time, Dora's eyes were replaced with pitch black eyes, her mouth was locked into a smile, and her teeth were blood red. After that, it cut to Dora and Boots in her parents' car driving with her parents in it. Some creepy music started playing., while the clip lasts for about 2 minutes.

After this, Dora and Boots encounter a very typical house (where Dora and her parents lived in) that you would see in the final shows, but the design of the house was different. First, the house looks a bit bigger and less advanced. Second, the doors were a lot more advanced, and the door was a little bit bigger and wider.

Screenshot 01

The screencap of this early reel.

Then Dora, Boots and her parents went inside the house. The weird thing in this early reel was that a lot of furniture was missing, except for a couch and a small table.

On the top of it, was a TV, displaying a news report of a teenage boy no older than 16, laying on the ground, with organs sticking out, and lots of blood puddles everywhere.

Dora, Boots, and her parents sat on the couch and stared at the TV, with blank expressions on their faces, without going to the bathroom or playing outside.

Then, it cuts to black for about 12 seconds while text appears saying: "2 months later". After that it fades into the same scene, but this time, a lot of furniture was back, and the entire room was covered with blood. Not cartoon blood, but realistic blood. Dora, Boots and her parents looked almost like they haven't eaten food for a long time.

A single piece of flesh appears on everyone's hand, and Dora and the others start eating it. The scene was interrupted by a black screen with the blood red text that read in a creepy font: "Are we like robots from an another planet? Did we get kicked off another planet, and we crash landed to planet Earth? Are kids are like little humanoid machines from the same planet, as robots lived in? The world may never know this fucking shit!".

This early reel ended with the exact same credits as you see in the final shows, but they were in Yiddish.

The Aftermath Edit

This early reel was found on a DVD in the very own garage in the house where Valerie Walsh (the creator of Dora the Explorer) lives in. if you encounter an early reel of Dora the Explorer, don't watch it for God's sake!