You know that Donkey Kong Country TV show, remember that being aired on Fox Kids and such? However, there is one episode that was accidentally aired and was removed from the TV line-up.

While I was watching TV on Fox Kids, I realized that Donkey Kong Country was coming next. I was excited! I was like I can't wait! Then, the DKC intro plays, but something was off, the music is lower-pitched and was played a little faster than normal, and even Diddy's eyes are hyper-realistic. Then, DK punches the screen four times until it crashes and it reveals the episode's name, "DK's Rampage".

The episode begins with Donkey Kong sitting on a log. When suddenly, he pulled out an knife and said "Time to kill King K. Rool and his gator army, because they are b*****s!" I was shocked. Why did DK swear? That's too mature for an kids' show. Anyways, DK runs away while weird, reversed music plays in the background. I realized something. Where's Cranky? Where's Funky? Where's the rest of the characters?

Next, the scene fades to K. Rool's hideout. King K. Rool is standing there, along with Klump and Krusha. What's weird is that Klump has no eyes and King K. Rool said "If DK comes, he'll be done for." in a distorted voice before Krusha said something in German which I translate to "Sure, he'll pay for his damage done to us." Next, Donkey Kong crashes in and then says "Look out, mother****ing pond gecks! Prepare for my Banana Rampage!" DK takes out his knife and starts stabbing King K. Rool violently to death. After that, he starts killing Klump and Krusha to death next, but it was censored by the static. You could hear the static and Klump and Krusha's distorted screaming. After this, DK starts laughing demonically while eating King K. Rool's flesh. When Diddy shows up, he said in a weak voice "DK, please, end my suffering.......I...I......I...I can't take it anymore." Then DK said "Ok, because you're next because you are in for hell, ****er!" Then, DK starts stabbing Diddy to death, but that was censored by the black screen. You could hear Diddy's screaming in the background. After the screaming, words in a bloody font appear which say "I hope you will burn in the fires of Hell!" What?!?!?! Why did that happen? Were the writers insulting me?

After this, before they show the credits, it shows Diddy's dead body for five minutes, but he has no eyes. The music played was an reversed and demonic version of the Sonic CD US Game Over theme. There's this Korean line that says "재미는 희귀과 무한입니다! - 루시퍼", which I translate it to "Fun is infinite with Rare! - Lucifer". After this scene, it goes to the credits, but the music is reversed and the sky was grey.

After the credits, it cuts to static. I could make a random video out of my head. It shows a gorilla ripping a human's head off. I paused it, and I ran to the restroom and vomited on the toilet.

I went back to the living room and unpaused the episode, and it now shows DK with blood on his fur and hyper-realistic eyes staring into the camera with an scowling look. Then, he said something in a alarming voice.

"You are not supposed to run away."

How did the episode know I ran to the bathroom to throw up? I asked DK "Why would you do such an awful thing, DK?" Then DK said:





Wasn't I like I was interacting with him? Well, I turned off the TV and threw it out of the window. I have lost my interest in watching this TV show based on a video game series made by Rareware and Nintendo. What the fuck happened?!

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