This is the lost episode for Disney's P-Force, a Fanfiction written by MariotheHero.

The episode begin when the talent show is on. As everyone's practicing, Rebecca bought along her flute.

In the next scene, everyone's having their own talents. As Rebecca play her flute, the crowd boos at her and to her worst, Zoe won which made Rebecca even more sad and upset.

In the last scene, Rebecca locked herself in the room and put the gun in her mouth and shoot it, killing herself. As Rebecca lies on her bed with blood splattered on it, the episode ended.

In the Belle Says segment, Naomi appeared with black, soulless eyes muttering "Real Suffering is not Known" then she was stabbed in the back by Emily, who also has black, soulless eyes.

the story ended with the final words 'The sight of Hell will bring it's viewers back' in Russian.

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