I played donkey kong country games a lot when I was young so I don't expect this to happen. One morning I was playing Diddy kong racing on the Nintendo 3ds. I was in a middle of a race when the doorbell rang. I opened the door only to see a box from my old friend john from middle school with a note saying Geoffrey i can't get away in time from him burn the disk which will stop him I could not stop him I'm sorry john. Slightly confused I put the game in my computer and saw the disk it said Diddy Kong in full capitals . When the game started with a picture of a jungle from DK64 with 2 gold bananas as a emblem. Diddy appeared in the center the sky and ocean of the island was a beautiful blue the music playing in the title was the dkc2 intro. But it was short lived after pressing enter as the image changed the sky was grey the banana emblem was rusted the grass and tree leaves looked reddish brown the water was red like blood the Nintendo 1998 logo changed to Nintendo rare 666 Diddy's eyes were black with red pupils crying blood like two other creepypasta characters like sonic.exe and Timothy the ghost engine. There was a character selection menu with three characters being Conker the squirrel from conkers bad fur day along with funky kong and even king k rool. Their sprites were like in dk king of swing but conkers sprites was homemade I choose the squirrel and heard floweys laugh from undertale for the pc any ways the level was called jungle it showed conker in the jungle hijinx level in dkc I made conker walk but the music was creepy castle from dk64. As conker walked blood appeared on the ground along with dead kritter kremling enemies just dead some hung on palm trees some not the music soon stopped and conker saw Diddy and walked up to him it cut to black saying hi conker let's play a game. It showed a new zone saying run away game the jungle background changed to kremling quay from donkey kong country 2 the music was from Resident evil 3 the park the sky was night but the swamp looked like it was burning slightly I made conker walk to the right again when until Diddy came and was chasing conker. Conker trips pitting the demon monkey catch him conker screams the same scream Henry the green engine screamed before he was killed in shed 17. I was back at the menu conker was different now his fur was a dull greyish black his face was of anguish so I choose funky kong since it was the only choice the flowey laugh came again the the level was called death is near the music now was river twygz bed from super paper Mario funky's level was the crystal caves in dkc2 but the crystals were not blue but purple the floor was also purple the background was snowdin town from undertale blood appeared on the ground after a small static cut after a while Diddy came again with text say it's kill or be killed then I made funky try fighting him but he was too fast for the surfing ape the music was the you idiot theme from undertale funky then sprained his leg causing him to get killed he made the same scream conker made before as the screen cut to black a text said aww come on you do better the menu came again now with funky looking sad his brown fur was dark red his shirt was grey his blue shorts were dark purple. King k rool was left but I noticed my hands were a little sore so I shoke them to fix it which worked I choose king k rool the laugh came again The level was called ... your death is here The crocodile king seemed nervous I made him walk forward the music now was grisly demise the level looked liked his keep in dkc2 after some slanted floors the room changed from brown rocks to red rocks the fire was blue after another ramp the flowey laugh came and the music stopped the fire was out and the evil croc king walked and saw Diddy appear in front of him before static came and then a image came of Diddy.exe looking at the screen with a text saying I am overlord after slight static the flowey laugh came but in omega flowey style before it a text said in black screen saying ready for round 2 it showed all 3 victims king k rools scales were a dull greenish grey like how you see on a real crocodile. His cape was ripped his face was just as sad as the other 2 a new text said well GEOFFREY in blood font the music was also entry 17 from undertale I shut off the pc wondering what the hell happened put the disk aside but when I turned to go to watch tv I saw something that was not there before I saw was a action figure of Diddy with those evil eyes like in the game. Epilogue. Two weeks later I was investigating a deer that had been attacked and killed with my dad along side me I tell him what happened back then I put the disk in a spy kids safe just for more investigation my dad calls me for dinner at buffet star but as I entered the car i saw a message in a tape I played it it said is isn't over yet my friend I'm always with you and will be with you in the future. I still have the game and message and figure of Diddy.exe just as a reminder of what happens when something arrives in your mail make sure you read the instructions first before using it And said he is always watching.

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