I owned a copy of the Despicable Me Mini Movies DVD, which contained an unreleased mini-movie. The name was labelled as "Experiments". It starts with Gru playing with his daughters. The minions (my all-time favorite parts of Despicable Me) walk over to Gru and in a gibberish language, they say that a police officer and several SWAT officers and FBI agents want to talk to him. Gru gets a face of disappointment, tells the girls to go back to their room, and grabs his freeze ray. He walked outside, but no one was there. Out of nowhere, one of the minions bonked Gru on the head, and he knocked out. The minions began to lift Gru into a van, and then they closed it. It showed a shot of the van driving away, into a sunset.

It fades to a new scene, where Gru is tied to a rack. He starts to question if it's a joke and screams out into the darkness for the minions to untie him, but there is no answer. Suddenly a large, hairy, ape-like humanoid creature comes out of the darkness. It grabs Gru, and he began to scream in fear. But then, it began to dismember him limb-by-limb, and hyper-realistic blood began to splatter onto the rack. Then, the creature stopped at Gru's heart and pulled it out, ending Gru forever. The creature then opened Gru's body, got into it like a costume, and closed the opening. He then began to walk and talk, as if he was Gru.

It cut to the house, the minions were tying the girls to racks, along with 3 other humanoids. They began to fight with each other. To take out the anger, one of the minions shot the girl with a laser gun, and blood splattered onto his face. During this, he kept a really disturbing smile, like Sonic.exe's in a way.

The creatures began to do the same actions to the girls, got into their bodies, and again as I said before, and acted like if they were them. It ended there.

I contacted the company behind the DVD, but every time I mentioned the movie, they would hang up. If you see a chance to watch this, don't do it, it could scar you for life.