Hello, my name is Cameron, I am a big fan of MineCraft much like everyone else. I create worlds and characters, I have a wallpaper of it and played it every time. I don't want to play it after something I got through.

It all started on a nice sunny day, I was on Netfilx, I was watching my favourite episode of MLP FiM called "Sonic Rainboom". Then I heard something out of my door. I quickly paused my episode and opened the door.

It looked like the mailman had left something. I went outside of my house and looked at it. It was a bubble wrap with a note and a CD inside, I took my knife and cut it. I first took the note first, it read "This is for you, Cameron".

I took the disc second, I looked at it. It was a blank CD with "MC" written on it in black sharpie. I immediately presumed that "MC" meant that it was a copy of MineCraft. I quickly went upstairs, turned on my computer and popped the disc in.

The normal title screen was there, but something was different. "MineCraft" was now instead "DeathCraft". I then thought "DeathCraft? This must be a hacked version". I then pressed Start to play the game.

I was in a sunny, colourful level, I was playing as my character. When I got to a Creeper, it exploded and the level exited. I then went to the different world, it was once again sunny and colourful.

As I was making my way through, text started appearing on the screen saying "OBEY", "I AM GOD", "YOU COULDN'T ESPACE", "KIND AND FAIR", "...", "NOT PERFECT", "KILL", "MULTIPLY", "DIE", "DO IT", "YOUR FAULT", "YOU'RE NEXT!" and "Врата ада LANE ЛЮБОПЫТНЫЙ" (Russian for THE GATES OF HELL LANE CURIOUS).

I turned off my game and took a nap for a while. As I was lying there for 30 seconds, I heard a whisper behind me, "Play with me...". When I stopped taking a nap, I went back playing my game.

I went to Worlds again and saw that my world was now instead named:


Sonic wasn't EVEN in MineCraft! However, I picked the world. The world was on fire and I was playing as Sonic. I tried to move Sonic but he couldn't move. A text box appeared saying "Destroy the computer, Cameron, or he will come for you too".

I reached to turn off the game, but something in my brain told me to keep playing. Pinkie then appeared behind Sonic.

Sonic: Dang it! you're here!

Pinkie: Die.

Sonic: What the heck are you saying?!

Pinkie: Kill, kill.

Pinkie then took out Sonic's spinal cords and ate his guts, I vomited in my nap, but I kept on playing. My character then came and said "Oh my god, Pinkie, I can't believe you killed him! You killed everyone! That's it!".

But Pinkie didn't answer and stabbed me with a chainsaw. Then I saw a gross image, the gross and disgusting image I had ever seen.

It was Pinkie with red eyes, Sonic.exe's mouth and smiling. I quickly turn off my computer, took out the disc and smashed it with a hammer.

I never played MineCraft again. Be careful, if you find a copy of MineCraft, don't play it.