Part 1 - Heffer's Death

Remember I talked about Dead Rocko? I was looking up "Dead Rocko DOWNLOAD" and found a "avi" download called, "DEAD ROCKO: THE AFTERMATH" and I clicked on it and it started downloading. The theme song sounded like:

Rocko's Dead Life, *mumble* *mumble* rocko is gonna DESTROY your FUCKING planet!!!

...over and over again, the funky background intro music was replaced with Church-sounding music. I noticed something was up, Rocko's eyes were white and his mouth was missing, and replaced with a black hole.

"The Death of Heffer, Mr. and Mrs. Big Head, and Filbert AKA Dead Rocko II" appeared in the same font as the logo. It started with Heffer sitting in a comfy looking red chair. He was holding a gun to his head. He pulled the trigger and brain matter splattered out with Rocko's slow-motion laugh playing in the background.

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