The video started out with the intro, and started with Homer struggling Bart to wake up and then it showed Bart with pale red eyes, and he's screaming but the sound is very distorted.

The videos cuts to the Simpsons at Uncle Hubert's funeral then when the rest of the Simpsons all passed his coffin, Bart's face turn red and he went warped, then it went line synced like a TV simulator. Then it cuts to black then fades to the people carrying Uncle Hubert's coffin.

Then it cuts to Lisa pulling her bottom eyelids from that short episode (Making Faces), but when Lisa did that, her eyeballs fell out of her eye holes. Then it cuts to Bart screaming like in the beginning, but it was filtered: with grey and drawn in black then it ends.

The Found VHS

The tape footage was found on YouTube, so it was a clip that was discovered.

Dead Bart Lost "The Simpsons" Episode VHS Footage01:12

Dead Bart Lost "The Simpsons" Episode VHS Footage

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