If you don't know what 'david toons dash' it's a 3D/2D Swap Game for The iPhone and Playstation and coming out for the WII U, The Pasta is about a Haunted copy of David Dash with a (REAL) Character "Christian Doll" a Copy of Christian. The Image Seen in the pasta is already in the game as a CREEPY Easter Egg.

The Pasta

Gill and his friend Noah were looking for games for their Playstation 4 at EB Games, when they came across David Toons Dash (The Playstation 4 Version). Gill was going to ask how much it was, but when he got to the counter, the sales person said for them to take the game for free and get out . When Noah heard the sales person say, “Take the game with you.” he dropped the games he was looking at and ran over to Gill. “Did he say we could have the game for free?” he asked. Gill was going to shake his head no when the sales person said yes. Noah grabbed Gill by his arm and the game and pulled them out of the store and to his house. When they got to Noah’s house, Noah got his Playstation and David Dash, and put the game in. When the game started they didn’t see David or Anthony they only saw what look like Christian. Noah thought that it was just a glitch or that someone hacked it, but Gill knew it was more then a glitch or a hacked game. Much more... evil. The first thing they notice when Noah started the first race was that the track was full dark red and black and the music that was playing was “Can Lick Your Feet Mom?”, but played backwards. Noah thought that is was a hack, but Gill thought the game was haunted. He didn’t think that their copy was the only haunted version of the game. He thought all of the copies were haunted by Christian. When Noah beat the first race he unlocked Super Davey (David's alter-ego). Gill knew that Noah didn’t get all seven Special Coins but Noah didn’t question how he got him, but he did stand up and cheered for himself. “How did you unlock him so quickly?” asked Gill. Noah Didn't say anything... But... Coutinued...

“How did you unlock him so quickly?”

“I DON’T KNOW!!” Noah screamed excitedly. “Why are you questioning it, Gill?".

When the “Challenger Approaching” screen faded away, the screen faded into black and stayed black for about two minutes. It then cut to a picture of David (Super Davey) being violently attacked by what looked to be like a stuffed animal version of Christian with a very loud screaming and laughter for a split second, then it went to the race. When the race started, Super Davey was standing on the track by himself after the “Ready. Set. GO!” was said. Super Davey started to move by himself. Gill looked over to Noah and saw that his hands weren’t on the controller. That’s when it said they unlocked The Christian Doll and “The Christian Doll Curse”. 

“Whatever you do, don’t read that letter.” Gill warned Noah. But Noah didn’t listen and read it anyway. What it read was "Can You Lick Your Feet Mom?" lyrics backwards. When Noah was done the T.V. started to vibrate. The Christian Doll Came out and Killed Noah, and looked at Gill and Kicked him and Choked him and he died. The Christian Doll Went back in the TV.

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