Have You Ever saw that disturbing episode of David Toons Where Christian Gets hit by a car... Well... we never saw the actual car hit damage right? Well... I got an email:



Topic: Want to see the secret they left us?


Hey I heard about Christian being killed off... they never showed you... the illumnati secret


I Decided to go to the website and found a download labeled "CHRISTIANDEATHSCENE.wmv" I Opened It Played Like the normal episodes well... almost normal episode... Christian Instead gets in a fight with David and runs out. When Christian gets hit... The sound of screaming, screeching tires and sirens is heard for two minutes, while the only footage is a still spinning wheel and Christian twisted on the side of the road, his head turned nearly 180 degrees, seen through the spinning spokes of the wheel. David walks out, "HA! CHRISTIAN'S DEAD!" Sister Tina Runs to the scene where David is laughing, She slaps David. It Cuts to David is in his room, extremely stressed, with a rigid smile and hanging a rope in the ceiling while humming the Beatles' song "Yellow Submarine". As Tina Enters and said "Hi Davi- Oh My God! he's dead..." As She Knocks David Off the noose and kills herself with it. Dr. Nick is planning something, Mequi comes and kicks his ass "MEQUI!!! YOU WILL PAY!!!" As Dr. Nick takes out a butter knife and stabs Mequi in the back. Mequi screams in horror as Dr. Nick brings him more pain. Mequi drops to floor as Dr. Nick says "Hmm... I'll use Mequi to power up my lazer!" and stuffs his body in the lazer. The scene cuts to Dr. Nick, In His room crying as he uses David's noose to kill himself... Then the episode simply just... ENDS! I Shocked i checked who would make such a thing "KIDAROO" i thought he was dead... I Reloaded the page "ERROR 404 COULD NOT BE OPENED!!" The page was gone! Luckly I save the file to my laptop To Show all you David Toons fans... One Day...

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