Zombie christian

You Know Mequi Right? He Replaced Christian and Put the show up to its highest ever... and helped David Toons get better by banning David Slashers and Davidorngraphic... well... That was was not the BIG problem it was "Mequi" Mequi was a cute inocent right? But... "He" Has a Crush on David... Well... An Angry Slasher Enter control over Nicolas M's go animate and displayed a movie "replacementandbannage.wmv" I Thought this was about the David Slashers finally gone... or so they thought... it was of Christian shouting "MURDER ME" 5x times before decaying into flesh and bones unpossible for go animate to do... Then it show footage of a davidslasher fapping and text over the screen "M3Q8I W0S M0DE TO REPLEACE" "MEQUI IS GAY" Then It Show the david slashers in a group photo except their eyes were missing and their teeth were sharp and they were puppet-like creatures raping dolls of the character mequi singing "MEQUI IS US, BURN TO DEATH DROP THE CORSPE IN THE SINK, MEQUI IS DEAD SO ARE WE AND YOU'LL BE DEAD SOOONNN..." Then It Cut To black before an animation of christian cutting open mequi with coral played "DIE DIE DIE" Christian shouted as a picture of christian with zombie features came on.... it was over finally... the video stopped and my computer crashed for good...

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