I love old TV shows. Recently, many of the great ones I grew up with have been officially released on DVD (Pedro, Super brother and sister), others still require finding bootleg copies to get the whole series (X-Men Evolution). Some bootlegs, such as the one I have mentioned are extremely high quality and the only revealing issues are a few missing segments before the opening theme and action sequence and a few TV Y7 ratings appearing at the start. It even has an interactive menu and special features. Now that's one hell of a bootleg. Although it's officially released, I did watch the entire series of David Toons on DVD recently from a bootleg set I had borrowed. The quality was lacking and it appeared that the shows had been recording on VHS, duplicated to other cassettes and then burned to DVD. There were no menus and you had to watch the disk from start to finish. Only a few sticky labels were included and told you what the first episode on each disk was to keep track of it to some degree. The fourth disk shows that it starts with an episode called "David and The Haunted House". The fifth disk starts the third season with "David's Weight Gain". All information on the episodes and seasons is easily found on Wikipedia. The last episode on disk four would be "David's Lucky Hat", and the Wikipedia article confirms this. However, on this disk, there is one more episode after this, but comes before "David's Weight Gain" in season three. The episode is titled "The Death Of Christian", and I have never seen it before this DVD and can find no information at all on it. it simply shows David and Christian riding their bikes down the road, heading to the Nearest McDonalds, which is only known because of the brief dialog between the two characters. After about a minute of watching them riding their bikes, Christian is hit by a car. The sound of screaming, screeching tires and sirens is heard for two minutes, while the only footage is a still spinning bicycle wheel and Christian twisted and Dead On The Floor.  It cut to static for about five minutes, but again it was silent. The weird thing is that I could make out some sort of video in the static... It looked like David standing over Christian's body, and David somehow tore open Christian's chest and proceeded to eat his intestines. I nearly vomited, but after the video clip ended, The next scene is at a hospital. It shows David sitting in a hallway with His Girlfriend, and for the next several minutes she only says "It's not your fault". One doctor walks by, and the scene shows an unconscious Christian cut open (explained up there) in bed with a neck brace and on a life support system. Then The Episode Ends with a scene Where David is eating the remains of the body... I Was Disgused... Because This Cartoon was made by a 12 year... On Go animate And Shows Like That can't be released on DVD... I Keeped The DVD Though... like not smart people would not like in most of these stories... I had Nightmares about the episode in Them, I would see David doing what he did to the body... Eat It!