As i , flurr , notice a strange blob of black ooze , it later shapeshifted into me , flurr but with dark blue , "dark flurr!" i said "i rised the darkness" dark flurr said , and i saw that no other mixel ever seen this , "is this a dream" i thought to myself, and i saw dark flurr flying to me with fantastic speed and pounced me , "his stare" i thought , he was going to freeze me (flurr), but a volt hitted dark flurr , "dragonchick2001?" i thought, and it was dark teslo(dragonchick2001) that shocked dark flurr, "woah, dark vs dark , someone get me popcorn" i said , dark flurr roared and dark teslo made a angry noise , i flew on top of dark tower to see most of this intense dark vs dark fighting , but i got shocked when a volt came through a ceiling and this is how darkness became true

Love , flurr

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