So, does anybody remember Danger Mouse, that show which aired on ITV until 1992? Well, I am excited that the show is coming back to CBBC on 2015, but there was a episode that had NEVER passed.

One day, I was at my own video store, buying some kids' films and shows. Then, after coming across some, I spotted a strange Danger Mouse DVD. It's cover was just exactly like the Danger Mouse: The Final Seasons cover, but with some scratches all over. I then went to the guy who owns the store and said what it cost for.

The store guy then said this:

"There's no need what this item costs, it's free!"

I then went home, opened the door, went inside and popped the disc into my DVD player. I watched all the episodes from episode-to-episode, nothing wrong from here to there, until I founded a rather weird episode called "The Devil's Way of Suicide".

The first intro popped up, sped up with the second intro's music playing. Then, a title card named "The Devil's Way of Suicide" followed and then the first scene of the episode began playing.

The episode's tone, well, was indeed slightly darker than the other episodes, with some deaths shown throughout the entire episode. The episode began with Danger Mouse walking in a dark chamber, with no sign of Penfold to be found.

Suddenly, something a bit odd (extremely odd?) happened throughout this whole display, with some moaning sounds overlapping the track and some scenes flashing, featuring Penfold doing various things that'd make him feel more like a mental, non-timid hamster. Some things shown were very mature ones, such as a guy killing another one, a little girl committing suicide after punishing his mom, a little baby falling off a cliff when a bike pushed him and some little ants being killed by psychos.

As those scenes played, the camera started to suddenly zoom onto Danger Mouse himself, as I started to hear Colonel K talking in my head, whispering something that sounded like this:

"Danger Mouse, Danger Mouse, we need your help. There's no way often this day is, but I might think it's maybe a too dangerous mission for you to go on, but, but, but...."

"Penfold, he's a criminal, but there's no help for you ever since you got sticky by those people!"

"Problem Alert! Problem Alert! That looks like a psychical challenge to me, but there isn't a anybody sign to match with!"

Then, the scene faded into Danger Mouse climbing to a mountain, holding Penfold in a bag. He was nearly at the mountaintop and grabbed a crying Penfold out of the bag. Penfold then said "Thank you, Danger Mouse, you saved me a lot!".

Then, Baron Greenback appeared on the mountain and threw Penfold out of the mountain, as the poor brown hamster died directly in a lake of crocodiles. Those horrid crocodiles then ate Penfold, being ripped apart with his remaining guts and limbs getting eaten. Then, Danger Mouse came up on the screen and said this:

"Guys, before I go, this was the most best thing to do. It's better when being alone and forgotten, rather than being a temper. DON'T TELL ANYONE that we had done this. It is good to make him forgotten. By the way, let's go before anyone gets us and notices!!!"

Then, he left quickly and then, there was no main character. There was no Danger Mouse.

The credits later played as I gasped in shock.

This was obviously, really, REALLY different than the other episodes and had changed what killed my childhood and the TV show. I first thought that some people keep complaining over the horrid jokes and most pasta references.

Anyway, I turned off my DVD player and when I took out the disc to settle it in the box cover, I noticed that Penfold was missing from the cover.

This was episode 8 of season 10. Remember, if you see a DVD like that, just... don't get it!

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