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One day, I received a letter from the mailbox which reads: "This is your best friend, Dan, I have found a harmful virus named D0SPr0gr4m.exe somewhere in internet, however it acts like a normal virus and however if trying to open it, it just reads

Microsoft Windows (TM)

(c) copyright 2009 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.

This rip-offs to the default command prompt program from all Windows versions, strange. See ya and don't get infected.


I feel chilling and seems I have to contact Microsoft Corp. to delete the virus, so I am going to my PC, turning on and waiting to start up. Hopefully there's no D0SPr0gr4m.exe virus there. I go browse internet with my favorite browser Google Chrome, and then I go to the Microsoft site and I scroll all down, but when I click the contact us button, it fades away and the site's colors goes negative while a scratching sound plays, then every one seconds, it slowly goes to a man's face shown in a Microsoft ad and then slowly also zooms in, after some seconds, it stopped.

However it opens the mouth with some hell fire and then the page goes to the address, this was a really scary page made by Bill Gates' really evil side, and it contained some text like: "I WANT YOUR PROGRAMS" "GET VIRUSES!" "YOU'LL GO TO HELL!", then scary pictures of Bill Gates appear every 60 milliseconds while a piercing not-so loud scream plays, after the scream it stopped and faded away everything, also then the GUI of the operating system fades away.

The screen then says "BILL GATES HAS GIVED UP BEING GOOD, HE'S NOW EVIL AND THEN HE WILL FORCE YOU TO GET D0SPr0gr4m.exe!", I feel very frightened and I try to push the button of turning off the PC, however it doesn't work and then the text says "THE PC HATES SHUTTING DOWN ITSELF, NOW IT'S TIME TO INSTALL D0SPr0gr4m.exe." and then the PC downloads the virus itself, while I try to unplug the PC, I got a heavy shock and I died.

But then the PC revived me and I see the desktop back working, until then I saw a popup of the virus, D0SPr0gr4m.exe being executed, it started saying "Are you happy now that we have installed this virus on your PC? You won't close it!" and after few seconds, a really creepy red smile appeared with a diabolic grin, then my desktop is toned in red blood, the program then says "Your life will be really pathetic and sad with your PC being self-destructed!", I was thinking that it was going to catch me so I was hiding under my desk, until then the window escapes in the monitor and goes near to me, telling me with this text "You aren't so awake, friend, you will never make it escaping from me!" and then it attempts to take me, but then the terror ends with my mom throwing a shoe to the program, then it errors itself and explodes with a small explosion so it didn't hurt me.

But my mom wasn't my mom, but a clone of the program exploded, which was "Copy of D0SPr0gr4m.exe (2)" it was a mutant program combined human which everything combined was mechanical wires, I began to fight it but he strikes me and then I was hit from a PC. The PC was broken and suddenly the program itself destructed, I really knew that the way to destroy the virus was actually destroying the PC, the solution however makes me sad.


The virus as it appears on a Windows 7 PC.

I knew that Microsoft was really being evil and mean so I moved to the Apple Corporations side, which had made lots of greatly popular devices like the Macintosh, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, etc. and so ongoing. That virus was really grotesque and weird. However later after 6 years, I heard a rumor that Apple has been possessed by Microsoft and made a new version of D0SPr0gr4m.exe, PR0MPTPr0gr4mm3, which really acts very strangely than before. I'll be sure to look out to write another story when I get news of this and get attacked.

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