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Full Pasta:

It was a fine day in Memphis, I was on the internet playing those horriable flash games... I was bored allright. I only had 2 PC games that are horriable. One of them is a bad FPS and the other is related to Dora the Explorer. So I decided it was time to buy a new game.

I went to my local GameStop with my dad to pick out any game. No matter the price, if it was a cent or $80, i would accept anything. Then I found something I never heard of in my life... it was a crumbled box with blood stains on it. I asked the clerk what it was. The shopping clerk said it was a free game. It was unreleased but no speculations if it was creepy or not. He said the title... was... Cutie Petz. I decided to get this and a copy of Call of Duty.

So I got back from GameStop, and popped in the disc in my computer. The installation came up and was a normal install. When it got installed, there was a file on my desktop called "Play Cutie Petz!". So I clicked it and it took about a moment to load. When it did, a menu appeared of a cartoony farm and the menu had this, The title had this weird cartoony font saying "Cutie Petz!" and it had some buttons, Play, Buy Cutie Merch, and Exit. And the game was released in 2001.

I clicked play and it loaded, this time 15 seconds instead of 1 minute. When it loaded, i was in a 2.5D enviroment, kinda like Wolfenstien 3D. I was in a girly bedroom, and the only thing to do is to go out the door. I was now in a room called the "Cutie Room" and a message popped up saying "Pet the dog to continue your cute adventure!" So I walked up to the GSD Dog and clicked on him. The dog scealched, rather than saying "i love you" or anything, like if the dog was dying. Then my monitor turned off for a moment.

Then It came back on, only to discover I was not in a 2.5D room, but instead a real 3D room. The game engine switched to something like Call Of Duty, and then this blue bendy dude came up to me and followed me. While he was, a spine chilling ambient noise was playing. The door was locked, but I was able to get through by pressing Enter a thousand times. Then I was in a long hallway, and the bendy dude was still chasing me. I went down the hall quick, while I head the girl I was playing, breathing heavliy. I did not know what was going on. Then the scary noise became louder. Then the bendy guy touched me, then a message came up saying "The girl died from cancer because the bendy guy had death inside" then it later said "The spirit still lives within... You..."

Then the message abruptly stopped and my computer restarted alot, until a message came on the BIOS saying "WARNING: PSU fuse alert! Reason: BORKNORK.TXT" I did not know what BORKNORK.TXT was but, when my computer reseted, I deleted all Cutie Petz files except for BORKNORK.TXT. I opened the file only to discover a really creepy message...

//script programmed by Sega

//tomorow, you die.

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