The Urban Legend

So, I was watching the news today, it said that there was a video of a 2015 General Mills commercial that killed 20,000 kids across America. It also said that the commercial was now banned, and the tape of it cannot be seen by the public ever again. Me, being the sneaky little bastard I am, I sneaked into the vault where the commercial's tape was, and stole it. I ran out, with the tape in hand.

While running from the guards, I saw that the tape had "SATURDAY.AVI", on it in sharpie marker. I stopped by a thrift store and bought a VCR to play it. I ran home and inserted the tape into the VCR and it played. It showed a boy walking with a suitcase, then it zoomed out to show a table with many General Mills characters around it. The boy asks "Can you make it like Saturday?" and one of them replies "What day is it?" and the boy replies "Wednesday", it's started getting fucked up with loud screaming and flashing lights. It had a split second frame of that creepy CGI Orange, and another of CGI Orange raping a girl.

Sadly, the tape was leaked on YouTube and everybody knows the dark secret behind General Mills' satanic occult rituals.


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