lly famous show

m, it was also

by Baby

TV. I found a lost episode when I was y

oung, so here is the story.

The Story

I was


. And I loved BabyTV

I got DVDs of show

s that USED to be my favorites, Billy Bam Bam, Charlie and the Numbers, and of course, Cum

mies. But later at my Birthday, I got a Cummies DVD, but the disc did not have a cover and had a note on it that said:

ode: Camp Fire

Made By BabyTV BabyTV is for kids and babies! (Yes, I knew what that meant) But I thought someone who put the note was just cra

zy. So my parents put the disc in my DVD player, and it began. The intro, normal intro started. It was the same. After the intro, it started with the Cummies, of course, at a campfire.

Yum Yum was eating his food. Uh Oh and Dodo were sitting on a log watching the fire. Uh Oh went to get a drink, and went walking back to the fire. He was drinking h

is drink and wasn't watching where he was going. Then he bumped into Dodo a


ent int

to Tickles.


y done bears. The bears catched up and ripped Tickles money off! And they ate her food. And then

it went back to Yum Yum

minute. After that, he found a sock on the ground. And then picked it up, put it in his mouth, and pulled the seam. And th

en he shot hims

lf, but the video

ning of life after all.

And then the credi

ts appeared, the

Cummies were missing. Because of their deaths of course. And then it ended. I was surprised what I have just saw, why would BabyTV do such a thing? And then I grabbed the disc, and threw it in the trash.

No matter how in

ocent the Cummies, or BabyTV for that matter seem, DO NOT WATCH IT.

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