You know that Pokemon Cubone, right? The Pokemon that wears the skull of it's deceased mother, that one. Well, I was watching full episodes of Pokemon on YouTube when I saw a video called "Cubone's Suicide" that was 5 minutes long. I was shocked when I heard it, but clicked on it anyway and watched.

It started with Ash walking through the forest when he encounters a Cubone. His Pokedex states that it wears the skull of it's dead mother. Ash feels bad for it, and tries to make it feel better. He brings it with him on his little journey, and Ash keeps saying "I'm sorry about your mother" and "I hope you feel okay". Since he keeps reminding the poor Cubone about his Mom, the Cubone can't help but start sobbing.

The Cubone jumps out of Ash's arms and runs to a nearby cliff. Ash can already tell what the Cubone's about to do and yells "CUBONE STOP! PLEASE! COME BACK!" The Cubone looks down at the ground below the cliff. He starts sobbing louder and louder, Ash then starts crying too. The Cubone waves goodbye before jumping off the cliff. Ash cries louder than ever, seeing Cubone lying on the ground. But he's still alive.

Ash finds a way down and sees the Cubone is going to die of blood loss. He tries to help but nothing works. Ash keeps crying as well as the Cubone. The Cubone dies in Ash's arms a few minutes later and Ash lies on the ground with the Cubone, trembling. The episode ends with a close up of Ash's face, eyes wide, tears slowly sinking into the ground.

After that, I started sobbing too. I turned off my computer, and went to lay in my bed, but for as long as I live, I will not forget that depressing episode of Pokemon. Ever.

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