Ok , when i was beginning to creepyzorch.errorplay legend of evolution , i realised somethcreepyzorch.errorngeeyrdisgustrorngeappens to it , i chose out teslo, krader and flain since they can alternate form , when i began , after defeating the bosses , i realised something in my alliance , i saw seismo and zorch in it , both are rank 999 and i was suprised and amazed , after a fight , zorch has gotten creepier than before , his eyes were half covered and seismo had this issue too , i fighted alot , thanks to my OPness i have , then a text " quit torturing me" appeared outta nowhere and zorch and seismo looked creepy and weird , seismo's eye was all black and has a blue dot , zorch's eyes were all black aswell , then a fight comes up , and after a few hits , zorch was koed but he said out "i ain't leaving without you" and put in as a curse and killed seismo and then the screen turns black but i turned off my 3ds before i hear distorted shuff crying.

Creepyzorch.error vs dark flurr

Flurr strolled through a really nice forest until bloody eyed creepyzorch.error came by , "oh no" flurr said then another

mixel came by , " *gasps* its dark flurr" flurr said . "Ha flurr , wait , creepyzorch.error? " dark flurr said angrily , " i killed

Seismo , i'll kill you" creepyzorch.error said , and dark flurr slash at creepyzorch.error's eye

dark flurr slashed again but creepyzorch.error held onto dark flurr's leg , disabling him , "augh" flurr said in disgust

but creepyzorch.error shot dark flurr and dark flurr began bleeding , dark flurr bit creepyzorch.error's heart , both died

"what just happened " flurr expland

the end

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