Crash Bandicoot was my favorite game when I was a kid. I loved jumping past pits, defeating bosses, and progressing in this wonderful game. After days of searching, I found a strange website that didn't have an index page or any page for that matter. Instead, it had a page listing files, and at the top said "Index of /". There were ISO's listed in a weird way. Unlike normal files, there was no title ID or region code.

Things like demoresidentevil1.iso and silenthillalpha.iso were found, but finally I found it. crashbandicoot.iso. The AI at the end of the name probably meant that the I and A are interchangeable.

I recently downloaded this ISO. I opened ePSXe and started up the game. 

I noticed something odd. There was text on the screen. It read:

[3-5-96] Naughty Dog - CaptureCRASHbeta

Sony Computer Entertainment America Presents

Bandicoot, Crash (PROTOTYPE A)

[3-5-96] Naughty Dog - CaptureBANDICOOTbeta

I remember reading online there was a prototype version of this game available, so I thought, 'Cool! I'm gonna play the prototype of Crash Bandicoot!' But it wasn't cool. It was the prototype BEFORE the released prototype.

The title screen was just text. It had Play, Options, and Quit. I selected Options but there was nothing there. It just had the option Back. So I chose it. The title screen was different now. It had Crash in the background running back and forth, which I thought was funny. Then, a large spike came down from the sky and skewered Crash. I heard Crash scream. Blood was everywhere, I was scared. So I hit start after 5 seconds of seeing this horrible sight.

The game started up and there was a loading screen. It only took about 6 seconds to load the level. The level was N. Sanity Beach, the way I remembered it. I played the level till I got to a dead end. There was no goal where it should have been, so I backtracked to a pit where the crate bridge was and fell.

I heard a splatter sound and laughter from ePSXe. It was a very good quality laughter though, not a cartoon laugh, I spawned back to the start of the level which was odd because I broke all of the Checkpoint crates. Then I heard Crash scream again, suddenly, he ran to the right. Cortex was chasing him, which I thought was funny, so I laughed. Text came up on the screen saying: STOP LAUGHING. I was scared then, how did it know I was laughing... 

ePSXe then crashed and I restarted it and the ISO. There was a single picture on the screen. The picture was of me. A recent school picture at that. The picture started to morph into odd shapes, blood came from every pore in my face. All I heard was a laughter, then I realized the laughter was of Crash.

The laughing grew much louder and darker. The pitch began to lower. The picture faded off the screen. Then, Crash spawned in a dark hallway. The music was dreadful. The music was just a bunch of screaming noises and laughter noises. Plus I think I heard a faint Carnival theme in the background. I continued to walk forward in this never ending hallway. 

I came to a goal I stepped in it. Crash stood there staring at me with a blank expression. He expression faded into a smile. His smile was up to his temples.

There was a loud scream. Pictures began to flash on the screen. Pictures of me, my family, my brother, my dog, small children, all bleeding and depicted and tortured in horrible ways. Entrails ripped out of their stomach, all I heard was Crash laughing. Then I heard a group of children chant demonically “They’re all dead, you’re next!” then screams and other disturbing noises started playing backwards.  Then there was a black screen with white text saying:

"You're Dead. Your Friends Are Dead. Your Family's Dead. Your Fucking Pets Are Being Skinned Alive. Your Mom's A Fucking Whore. You Suck At Life. The Whole World Hates You. You're Going To Hell. Live With It. Game Over."

Then the ePSXe crashed.

I can still hear Crash laughing in my nightmares.