One day I bought a copy of Crash Twinsanity at a flea market. The vendor told me not to put it in the PS2 and press Start and Select at the same time. I went home and put the game in the tray, and out of curiosity I pressed start and select when I was on N. Sanity Island.

Something weird happened when I did that. The music turned from happy to evil, and the enemies acted more aggressive. I kept playing and everything went back to normal, but then every light in the house shut off and the screen turned black. Then on the screen, in big letters, it read:

"You have released him! Leave now!"

I saw somebody coming downstairs, but he had a very oddly shaped silhouette. He had 2 pointy ears, glowing green eyes, 2 large hands, and then it came to me. What was coming down my stairs was Evil Crash! He leaped down and started chasing me and the Bandicoot Pursuit music started up. Lucky for me, I was next to my back door. I ran outside, and Evil Crash followed behind me.

I jumped in my car and drove away, but he kept going faster and faster. Then it hit me: I have to unplug the PS2. I turned the car around and ran him over. He laid there, dead as a doornail. I rushed into the house, but moments before I unplugged it, he jumped through the window.

He ran as fast he could with a very creepy expression on his face. I unplugged the PS2, but he didn't go away. I then opened the tray and snapped the disc. He then evaporated and was gone. To this day, I do not play Crash Twinsanity or watch videos about the game.

This is my first pasta, so please keep that in mind.

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