As you should all know, I am a Crash Bandicoot fan. Millions of people usually love this guy. However, some of them have very terrifying nightmares about that little bandicoot crash. This is one of their stories.

One day, I was looking for a copy of Crash Tag Team Racing. I encountered the original Crash Team Racing, Along with a Playstation 1, 2 controllers, and a Gameshark. I was confused why someone would leave this behind. So I decided to take the game, when the cashier stopped me.

"Hey! you need to-" He saw the disc.

He backed away from me avoiding any contact with it...then he said, "Nevermind, I'll give to you for absolutely free!"

I could tell he was crazed by the disc somehow. But why? That I should have known before playing the game. So I drove away from Gamestop. and while I was driving home, Everyone went back into their houses for some odd reason. I Looked puzzled once more. I Ignored it and continued driving home when I got a phone call. It was one of the neighbors.

He said, "That game you got there is cursed!"

I got another phone call from another neighbor. he said the exact same thing. I blocked all phone calls...until I last call from my Brother, Steve. I answered it, and he said, "I have been hearing a few rumors about you and that game. Just get rid of it so the neighborhood can stop worrying so much!" I grabbed my phone and I threw it in the back seat.

I was relieved to be home away from those crazy neighbors. I hooked up the game system and I started to play. Upon reaching the title screen I heard a Demonic screech come from the speakers and I wore earplugs, and it surprisingly worked. What I actually Saw was horrifying. Blood on the road, The bones of crash that were crushed, The rotting corpse of Neo Cortex, The scariest thing was the sky, It was Completely black. With thunderclouds...somehow.

I pressed the start button, then everything fell silent. I started to shiver a bit, I decided to race against the CPU's in a small race. to my horror, Every single character excluding crash was replaced by a red X, meaning I couldn't select them. I decided to play As crash, however the game chose the track for me. It was called "Welcome to my world".

I saw bloody skies, rotting corpses, Nitro crates, and no other racers. It was just me...I couldn't drive. Crash drives for me instead. It is very confusing. I saw crash's head twist suddenly. I was about to throw up everywhere! I saw that crash had no eyes. Blood came out of his mouth, and His nose was completely gone. I puked on my clothes, And I got a glass of water. I drank it, then went back to playing. I could navigate crash now! I went to the pause menu, and I discovered that I couldn't leave. I had to do 3 laps around the track. on the final lap.

Crash stopped moving, and he said, "Going somewhere?"

Crash went nearly past the finish line, and he said, "You can't make me go past that finish line, boy!"

I past the finish line by Pressing the X button. I completed the race!

When I got back to the main menu, everything in the game was back to normal. Including the racers, and the skies, however I couldn't find crash ever again. He probably went to hell...where he belongs. I smiled and I turned off the game in joy that the nightmare was completely over.

The next day, I went back to Gamestop and saw it was being torn down! I asked the construction worker, "What's the problem? I need to return this game!"

He replied, "Ya, see this thing is going down because reports of someone with a crash game were flying through the air!"

I dropped the game, the controllers, the Gameshark, and that damned game system.

I said, "See you in hell."

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