Hello, my name is Zak Brown and I just wanted to share a creepypasta story with you guys. As you know, there are many Crash Bandicoot creepypasta stories but also there have been no Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped creepypastas, so I thought it's time for a creepypasta story. This story is based on Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped and is very gory. I hope you like it.


It all started when I was watching an ad about Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped on YouTube. This ad was explaining all the features in the game. When I saw this, I knew I had to buy this game, but instead of buying it, I was given the game by a friend of mine.

I started the game but I noticed something strange. Straight away, the Universal logo was covered in blood and the music started playing, but the title screen was covered in blood and the title read, "CRASH BANDICOOT HAUNTED MEMORIES" and When I pushed new game, the screen went black and started flickering back and forward.

When it got to the warp room, the music was playing backwards and Crash's eyes were glowing red like they were bloodshot. Coco was standing by the Load/Save screen and she was naked and beat up. I tried to talk to her but she screamed and disappeared. I thought this was terrifying so I turned the game off and went to sleep.

The next day, I turned the game on and for some reason, Crash was standing at the start of Toad Village, the first level of the game. Instead of the ground being colored yellow, it was covered in blood. The whole level was changed completely and I freaked out! I tried to play the level but the game glitched and warped me to a haunted house.

I tried to navigate the level, I got to a checkpoint crate and broke it but then the level glitched out. A massive spike came out of nowhere, chopped Crash in half and his guts went everywhere, his eyeballs exploded, covering the whole screen in blood.

I puked straight away and was shaking for weeks, I pulled the game out and snapped it in half. Instantly not wanting to see this shit anymore, I rang my friend and I told him everything. He said that there was one copy of the game that should never have been released. He told me that when he gave me the game that I must have been given the foreign copy. He also told me about that explains all the violence in this copy.

I was given he told me to look at my game cover and I did what he said and the cover wasn't anything like the original. Instead of Crash on a motorbike, there was a picture of him crying blood. No wonder why this game was haunted it was a foreign copy and never have been released?

I thanked him, hung up the phone and I went to bed. I couldn't sleep I kept having a dream of Crash killing me and stuff. When I woke up, Crash was standing over me! He grabbed my mouth and said "Shh... go to sleep..." Then he disappeared.

The next morning, I told myself I would never play Crash Bandicoot again and so I stopped playing platform games FOREVER!!!

That's the story of Crash Bandicoot Haunted Memories. I hope you liked it.

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