(This creepypasta have some similarities with The Kill Waker. It's not the best, but enjoy. P.S. Don't go "HURR DURR YOU COPIED THE KILL WAKER". It's made up, so don't be scared.)


Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex. It was the first Crash Bandicoot game that I ever played for the PS2. But about three years ago I thought I should give it a try. So I went to my local Gamestop but they didn't have it.

I was sad because I went to every store that sells games and they all say they don't have it. Then about a week later me and my dad went to a local garage sale. While he was looking for junk I went to the kid's section.

And then I saw a copy of Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, a black box with a label saying, "Crash Bandicoot 4". I quickly grabbed it and went over to the person selling it and asked how much for the game. He said, "Please, take this for free." That made me a bit skeptical, but I didn't really care so I took his offer.

When we got home I turned on my PS2 and put in the disc. I got a nostalgic feeling when it booted up. When I got to the title screen I noticed a couple things that were off.

First off there wasn't any music or sound, secondly the creepiest thing, and the title said, "Crash Bandicoot: The Death of Cortex". It made me wonder, did the guy's kid hack it or something? But I wanted to play it so I pressed new game.

Everything was fine until I got to the part where Cortex, along with a group of destructive masks known as the Elementals. After this, the screen cut to black for thirty seconds. Then I was at the scene where you talk to Cortex. Except he was red and black and had an evil scary grin and said:

"Crash Bandicoot, I'm sorry for what happened to you and your sister."

Now I already knew something was wrong when that happened. Cortex’s message was not supposed to say that. Sure, it had been a long time since I had played this game, but I don’t remember him ever saying that. Now I was certain this was a hack or a bootleg or something. Then I noticed Crash. His fur where black, his skin pale as the moon, and he seemed sad with blood and his face and arms. He continued, "You must make that bitch that killed you pay!" Then I got the first level, "Arctic Antics".

I went out and the saw it was night, but it was pitch black with no stars. There was no music nor sound. I noticed the enemies were looking at me strangely, like they were scared. I tried to destroy them but they would scream. When I got crystal, the screen went to black and I heard a scream. Then I looked at a penguin, its head was on the ground. Dead. I scream about what happened then go back to playing.

I was confused about what happened so I tried it on the enemies. It went to black and I heard screams, next they were laying on the ground with black eyes with tears of blood. As sick as it was I continued to play it. I went to the end of the level. While I was in the loading screen, I noticed something creepy. Crash seemed scared after what happened.

When I got to the wrap room I noticed it was Coco. She began to try to kill me. But Crash killed her and I got to the second level, "Tornado Alley". What I saw next was horrid; everyone was killed in a sick way. One had a knife in the eye, another was on fire with his left arm missing, and the others were even worse. Then I got the crystal and it went back to black.

When I went to the third level, "Bamboozled", it wasn't called "Bamboozled". Instead, it was called "FORGIVE ME". I thought it was a little weird, so I entered the level. When Crash entered the level. It was a level that I never seen. It was pitch black. It was nothing but pitch black. After playing the level, I saw animals with no head, it was a gory mess there was blood everywhere and even on Crash. Then Cortex came and said, in a ghostly, deep voice...


Then to my surprise, Crash used his spin again. Cortex's eyes fell out and he died. He screamed really loud and bloodily. Crash turned his head 180 degrees with an evil grin and said, "They are all dead. You're next!". To my horror, Crash began to walk to my screen slowly and laughing. I tried to turn off my PS2, but it wouldn't work. When he got to my screen he screamed then it went off.

God. That was freaky.

That experience scarred me deep. I went back to the guy's house but when I got there I saw an old house. A jogger ran up to me and said no one has lived there for years.

I went back home, took out the disc, turned it off, BROKE THE DISC AND THREW IT AT MY WINDOW! Hoping I never see it ever again.

I got the regular Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex game and played it. After I was playing the game, I heard a voice.

"Play with me..."

I turn around and it was a Crash Bandicoot figure with red eyes, smiling.

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