Warning: This pasta may be disturbing to some readers. View at your own risk...

The Pasta

Since I was a small child, I had always enjoyed Courage: the Cowardly Dog, the cartoon following the adventures of a small, cowardly—yet courageous—and pink dog, who lives in the fictional town of 'Nowhere' with his two owners: Eustace and Muriel Bagge.

Last week, a friend of mine arrived at my home. Upon greeting each other, he presented a disk to me. "I know how much you like this show, so take this," he said, placing the disk in my palm. He then left, without a single word.

I ran into my house, and before placing it in my player, it read CTCD: S5; EP1. My excitement grew to an unbearable level; I hastily placed the disk into my player, turned it on, and without warning, the opening introduction began.

It played just as it did in the first four seasons, though towards the end, instead of pulling out a mask and scaring Courage, Eustace walks over to the television, turns it off and walk out the front door of the farmhouse, seeming angrier than normal.

Afterwards, the title card showed. It featured Courage, in running position, looking back at a man with a mask, chasing him with a chainsaw. Above the image showed 'Lost Courage seemingly written in blood.

Then, it cut to the exterior of the farmhouse; it was night time and there was a dense fog, making the farmhouse hard to see.

It then cut to the living room, where Courage was—as usual—lying on Muriel's lap, while Eustace was nowhere to be seen. It stayed like that for two minutes, the only sound coming from the rocking of Muriel's chair, and the wind outside.

Then suddenly, the front door opened, and a hooded figure, wearing a mask walked into the farmhouse, holding a chainsaw.

Courage then let out a realistic, ear-piercing scream.

The figure then started the chainsaw and pointed to Courage, and then to his own neck, silently threatening Courage. The figure then held the chainsaw in the air and began to run to the pink dog.

Screaming again, Courage sprints out of the farmhouse with the figure still pursuing him.

After a while, the figure chases Courage to the roof of the barn. Out of energy, Courage collapses and lies on the roof, he then wearily states "who are you?"

The figure then removes the mask and hood, revealing the face of a seemingly-joyful Eustace. He then brings the chainsaw down onto Courage; realistic blood and organs began to fly and spray everywhere.

This continued for thirty seconds; I did no more than sit and watch, wondering: who in the right mind would make something like this?

Once the murder had ended, it cut to an image of Courage with red, glowing, hyper-realistic eyes, lying in a pitch-black background, areas of his body are nothing but skeleton, pouring blood and other organs onto the ground.

After minutes of this, it faded to Eustace, sitting in his chair, with a stuffed Courage by his side. He then began a long, evil laugh.

After a few seconds, Muriel walked into the living room and out the front-door, holding two cases. It seemed to me as if she was leaving.

Eustace still laughed, until he heard the truck starting up outside and driving away. His laugh began to turn into a cry as he turned to the stuffed Courage. In his sadness, he says "what did I do?" He picked up the stuffed Courage and hugged it. "I'm so sorry, Courage. Can ya ever forgive me?"

The screen began to static, and for a few seconds it showed an angry, ghost-like Courage standing at the bottom of the stairs; then with more static, it returned to normal.

One minute after, it cut to Eustace, with a sad expression on his face, hanging in the attic for the remainder of the episode, his crying, Courage howling, and the wind was heard in the distance.

The credits then rolled, silently until the very end, in which "you will never be forgiven" was whispered in an unidentifiable voice.

I could then see why they assigned my friend to dispose of the disk. Though, I still wonder who the sadistic fuck was that made this.