The episode starts off with Cookie Monster practicing for his concert. We hear Kermit and Grover laughing outside. Cookie Monster stops asking them to keep it down, as he has a concert that night and has to practice. The two of them say "Ok!", and play somewhere else. Then it cuts to the end of Cookie Monster's concert. This is where things seem off...

The few frames repeat themselves, so this means the sound is sinked up with movement. There is a slight murmuring in the crowd before they start to boo him. Cookie Monster in full frame and looks visible afraid. The shot goes to the crowd with Grover and Kermit in the center of the frame, the two of them are booing much unlike them.

The scene ends, and the shot goes to Cookie Monster sitting on his bed looking very sad. Then I saw something horrible. It was a still frame of a dead child getting his stomach cut open. His eyes had tooken. Then it cuts back to Cookie Monster, now with no mouth with white eyes with black pupils, he takes out a gun then it goes to a default gray screen. Then you hear a gunshot. And then, the text appears that said "Cookie Monster is dead." Then the episode ends with the normal credits...

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