I'm sure many of you know the PBS/HBO tv show Sesame Street in some way. PBS refuses to count a couple of its episodes, making the amount of episodes inconsistent. The reason for this is the lost episode from season 25.

The episode's production number was 3181, the title was Cookie Monster's Suicide. The episode labeled 3181, Slimey's new trick, was made later and given Cookie Monster's Suicide's production code to hide the latter's existence.

It all started with me having a crappy job at KLRU PBS station in Austin, I got hired there in 1993. But a year later, I quit my job, because I hated it. A month after I quit, I checked my mailbox one night only to find the normal magazines and crap that I didn't care about. However, at the back of the mailbox, there was a package. it was in FedEx packaging. I took the package into my house and opened the package only to find a video tape. Now i've gotten weird things in my mail in the past, from Japanese porn magazines to a bunch of clothes that didn't fit me, but a video tape? This kinda surprised me. There was writing on the tape .

The writing had a bunch of numbers which were labeled "3181". 

Now i've never been into watching movies and shows from vhs's and dvds, but seeing as how there wasn't much explanation to the tape, I decided to watch it. I put in the VCR that my former girlfriend Lucy had left behind. It had been collecting dust by then. It showed a bunch of ads Sesame Street related which made me think that this was an episode from Sesame Street. I was right. The intro played. Everything seemed ok, but the song was muffled. 

The episode starts with Cookie Monster eating a bunch of cookies, then Kermit came here to talk to him. Cookie Monster yelled "Get out Kermit!". Kermit said okay. Cookie Monster was eating cookies again. It then cut to a shot of a doctors office with Cookie Monster and Kermit inside the room. Along with them, there was a doctor. The quality in this scene wasn't very good, but from what I could make out, the doctor was talking to Cookie Monster and this is what the dialogue sounded like.

Doctor: "Well Cookie Monster, your blood test results have come, and the results aren't looking good. Your blood sugar is too high. I hate to say this, but you have type 2 diabetes."

Cookie Monster: "Doctor, what is diabetes?"

Doctor: "Well Cookie Monster, diabetes is a condition when you have too much glucose for your body to break down. Now I want you to understand that this is a very serious condition and there is no way to completely get rid of this condition."

The screen cut to black for about 7 seconds and when it returned, it showed Cookie Monster crying. The crying went on and on, it got more pained, and sounded more realistic, better acting than you would think possible. This likely had to do with his diabetes diagnosis. This lasted for about 83 seconds. The screen then cut to black.

It cut back to Cookie Monster, he was still crying. He touch his eye and screamed. He screamed in a really messed up tone. It was pretty much like an ear rape. Then, he finally stopped crying and became angry. He now had real blood coming out of his eyes. He then yelled "KERMIT MUST DIE!"

It suddenly cut to a black-and-white video clip of Cookie Monster chasing Kermit with a giant hammer so he can kill him, and he eventually did. After he died, Cookie Monster laughed demonically, and he killed himself in the head with a loaded pistol, and lay on the ground, dead. The last scene was Cookie Monster's funeral with most of the muppets being there. They were all dressed is black. The quality was somewhat better than most of the scenes in this episode. This scene lasted for 5 minutes. After the funeral was over, text appeared on screen in front of a black background. The text was in Polish, so I couldn't understand what it meant. And then the credits rolled over, but instead of the normal music, there was depressing piano music in the background. I eventually buried the tape in my backyard where it remains today.

Well, that's all for now. If you watched this episode, please let me know.