Haunted Gaming - Conker's Worst Fur Day (CREEPYPASTA)10:56

Haunted Gaming - Conker's Worst Fur Day (CREEPYPASTA)

Well, I am so scared right now. I just played a fucked up game/ROM called

Conker's Worst Fur Day. Anyways, I guess I should tell you my story. When I was younger, I owned a N64, and for my birthday I got a game called Conker's Bad Fur Day.

It was a game meant for adults due to swearing, blood, nudity, sexual references, etc. But my parents just saw the cover and thought oh this looks like a cute game, perfect for our son's birthday! (update: My parents got me a used copy of the game, and they probobally didn't see the rating, because it was smaller on the cartridge.)

Anyways I used to love that game (I did NOT tell my parents about it because I knew they would return it.). Anyways, I loved playing through it and I laughed a lot. (I would have laughed more if i knew what some of the jokes meant before.)

Okay, so earlier today, I was watching YouTube video about Sonic. And I came across a video called "Eggman is the Great Mighty Poo". I knew I heard that somewhere, then I saw something called "Conker's Bad Fur Day: Great Mighty Poo".

Okay, so after seeing this I thought "Hey, I remember this game!". Suddenly I felt an extremely big urge to play the game. I had already had an N64 emulator (Project 64), which I used to relive games like Mario 64, Zelda, etc.

So I googled Conker rom. Exactly like that. After, I hit I'm feeling lucky, I don't remember the site name, because I wanted to play the game. It opened a near blank page with just a button in the middle that said "Download: Conker's Worst Fur", I know it sounds dumb that I didn't notice that the name was odd, but I clicked the button anyway. It began to download. When it was done I started playing. It didn't open with the cute jumping N64 logo, and conker cutting it in half with a chainsaw, It started with a grey squirrel (Like the one in the bar on the main menu.) running in a poorly lit room, then a mangled, bloody, wounded Conker appeared behind him and sawed him in half with a chainsaw spilling guts, bones, etc. everywhere. Then Conker looked at the screen with his torn up bloody face, and said "You're in for HELL, fucker."...The voice of Conker seemed off. It was a lot deeper, and the audio quality was very bad.

The strange thing was that in Conker the word Fuck is censored, but in this rom it wasn't. I didn't realize this at first, and damn, that was that a bad idea to keep going with the rom. Anyway the game started with Conker entering the bar as usual, but instead of the menu showing up, when Conker entered the bar all you could hear was loud, eerie, depressing, moaning. I instantly turned down the volume, because I am very paranoid of certain sounds, moaning relates to an incident that dates back to my childhood, and a scary movie. Then out from under the door of the bar, blood started seeping through and mixing in the puddles from the rain. Then the screen faded out to black. Then it showed the beginning area where you start the game and you have the hangover. "Finally I can play!" I thought. That was not a good thing. Anyways I started but there was no cutscene and Conker was fine. I pressed B and Conker swung a chainsaw, then put it away.

Cool, I get a chainsaw instead of a Stupid frying pan. Anyways I jumped the fence to speak to birdy. But, when I walked up to him Conker looked at him and said "Hey, shit head. Give me some help." then birdy the scarecrow looked at him and said "Why the fuck do you need anything. You know how to play moron.". WTF? I thought. I just took a breath and continued, It was true...I learned the controls by running around a bit, before talking to birdy. Then Conker looked at birdy and said "You fucking shit hole. I'll cut your fucking head off."then a lightbulb appeared above conker's head. I pressed B then the game entered a cutscene.

It was very dark for some reason, and the place was only illuminated by constant lightning flashes. Anyhow the game just flashed a picture Conker killing birdy with his chainsaw. Then the same conker voice said "Rot in Hell, fucker.", although the game still showed the dark room. After, Conker suddenley appeared in the black area, then I got to play again, then I noticed that this was the same place where birdy was, but birdy was gone now. I made my way up the mountain path, but the gargoyle was not there, and for some odd reason, there was a strange hissing noise in the background, so I headed in the cave. I was expecting to appear in the bright happy field with the Nasty, or Nice fork in the road. But instead conker entered the path up to the haunted house. I walked up but I forgot about the skeleton snakes, and got attacked by one, but instead of being chewed up and spit out, it showed the snake put conker on the ground and start mauling him, biting him over and over, revealing his guts, bones, and eyes start spilling out.

Then the skeleton snake let out a demonic cry, then jumped out of the road and dug back into the ground. I was waiting for the game to restart back at the checkpoint, but instead it showed a fucked up hurt, bloody, wounded, conker in a seemingly endless room, filled with zombies (like from the graveyard level.). It showed Conker on the ground, guts, blood, etc. lying all around him. Then it showed his face. I got so shocked from the scene, I turned around and let my stomach settle. Then I looked back at the cut up, bloody, conker face. He was missing his eyes and it showed empty sockets.

Then after he let out a moan he said "You never know...a goo...a good...thing...until...until is...GONE!". When Conker said gone it was so loud and terrifying I shut off the sound. The sound startled me so badly, I nearly pissed myself, so I ran to the bathroom, and returned. The screen showed conker being devoured by endless amounts of zombies. Then when all that was left was the disturbing head of Conker.

The zombies faced the screen and started walking towards it. Then I tried pressing B. When I did a shotgun was pulled out, (the game seemed like a first person shooter, so it was like halo sort of.) I pressed z and it fired a shot holding off the zombies. I remembered that in Conker, zombies must get a head shot to die. So I killed them one by one until there were no more. Suddenly the conker head began to moan a little bit, so, I ran over, knowing I would have to see the head, but I felt like I had to do it. The screen showed Conker's head lying there, and he said


The game didn't do anything, and by now I had tears running down my face, and, I nodded my head. Then Conker's head let out one last gasp and said "Good.", now it sounded like conker, then the screen darkened out and the emulator closed it's self. Then I deleted the rom and turned off my computer. Even now I can still hear his voice, echoing in the back of my head, but I know that rom was a message to me, I used to be greedy, I was a porn addict, etc. So, Let it also be a message to you. Okay? Good.

UPDATE: I've tried to return to the site that had the rom on it, but I managed to get the rom out of the recycling bin,I can only get a screen shot of the rom, for some reason, when I try to load the rom I get a window that says Error: Attempt to open zip file failed. Missing or corrupt zip file - check path and file. You may need to restart the

application. I've tried to extract the file, but that didn't work, so I got it onto my new computer, and it still doesn't work. I am not going to upload the rom, either, Nobody deserves to go through the same thing I did.

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