Hello, my name is John. I'm going to tell you an incident that happened to me this year.

The pastaEdit Edit

Somewhere around April 2014, i was on GoAnimate, watching videos. After a while, I got bored, and went to my messages.

I had one new message. A user named G00DBY3 said I should check out this lost Comedy World episode he found.

I clicked the link, and a user named Death made the video. There was no date when it was made. I cringed at that, but I was pretty excited because I found a never-before seen episode! So, I made popcorn, got a Sprite, and played the video.

The episode started with the theme song, but it had demonic singing and creepy laughter. I cringed again, but I thought it was a morbid joke. So, I continued watching.

Then it went to the title card. It had a blood-red text that obviously said "Eric's Rampage", and the background was black.

The episode started with Eric in his bedroom, angry. In his mind, he said he hated PC Guy. Why would he always say that?

Then, I heard footsteps. It sounded realistic, as if somebody was walking up my stairs. PC Guy came in.

"Hi Eric." he said.

Eric went to his closet and got out a chainsaw.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM!!" he yelled very loud. I spit out my Sprite.

PC Guy screamed, but it wasn't your typical cartoon scream. It sounded realistic, as if someone was being burned alive.

Then, it cut to static for 1 minute. After that, PC Guy went out the door. Eric chased him with the chainsaw.



Eric threw the chainsaw, and it landed on PC Guy's head. PC Guy collapsed on the ground, and could barely breathe.

"Sweet dreams, PC Guy." Eric whispered, while holding a shotgun.

Eric let out a shot, and PC Guy died. Blood was oozing out of him. And you guessed it - the blood was realistic. It was either food coloring, or real... I paused the video, and went to the bathroom to vomit.

Then, I played the video. It cut to black for 42 seconds, and a white text said "PC Guy has been killed. The series is over. Goodbye." and it went to the credits.

After the credits, a Korean text popped up. It said "He was first, you are next, John!"

I immediately closed the tab, deleted my history, and never saw that episode ever since.

If you see that episode, stay away from it, or contact me.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, and have a great day.