hi my name is max

you probably know codename kids next door , it's a tv show that aired on cartoon network the season premeire was in 2002 and it ended in 2008 but I mostly like operations f.a.s.t-f.o.o.d and h.o.t.s.t.u.f.f , but operation pothole made my jaw fall out ( not really)

anyway , I was searching on knd ( kids next door ) wiki and i searched up season 3 and I saw a episode called operation P.O.T.H.O.L.E it did not tell me the definition of it and I was like this is the lost episode of codename kids next door so I pressed play and it came on

at first it did the average theme song but it was in a g major and their voices sounded funny in fact numbuh 1's voice sounded like flain's from mixels and numbuh three's voice sounded like sqweep's from monsters vs aliens and I was shocked because they have different voice actors

anyway, the episode begun with the gang playing as casual the numbuh three came in yelling gang ! there's a hole outside and they went out and saw something...

               to be continued for part 2

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