Okay, so you know that strange little kids show called Redwall? Based on the books by Brian Jacques? Well, there's a scene from the Tv series which they never aired because it was too sad and unsettling.

It started with Cluny the Scourge, the main antagonist, lying in his bed looking very sad. I mean, it wasn't a cartoon sadness, but a look of genuine melancholy. He whimpered softly, then closed his eye and went to sleep. The screen slowly faded to black, and when it did, people stopped watching, assuming it was over and the animators had just done a small test animation which turned out to be slightly weird.

But when I found the strange clip on youtube, it turned out that after Cluny shut his eye, the screen went black for about 4 minutes, before the sound of voices could be heard, chanting "Cluny, Cluny, Cluny!" over and over again. The voices started out sounding friendly and encouraging, but slowly became scary and demonic. The picture cam back, and it showed Cluny running down a dark alleyway, with all these awful figures chasing him. They were hyper realistic, like they'd been photoshopped into the cartoon.

Then, I realized something. These people were some of the most hated humans in history, like Mussolini, Ted Bundy, and I even saw Hitler among them! Cluny was running away from them with a look of insane horror on his face. Suddenly, a serial killer appeared in front of him. "You're just as bad as us, Cluny," he growled. "Join us," then, he stabbed Cluny in the stomach, killing him. A girl's voice screamed. "DADDY!" and the shot changed to the sight of Cluny, lying on the floor beside his bed, having committed suicide by stabbing himself just like the killer had.

Some text came up on the screen, reading: "The nightmare killed him." Then, the episode ended. If you ever find Cluny.avi, don't view it, just get rid of it. Before it gets rid of you.

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