One Night I Was Playing LittleBIGPlanet 2 on my PS3 when I stumbled across a User named CliVE. I was confused. Why did the name CliVE have a Capital V and E. Well, I Was Looking around on the earth and I saw a level named "Clive's Suicide." WTF? i thought. Why would a level be named Clive's Suicide. Well, when I saw the picture it was horrible. It showed Clive in his sad mood, a blood stain was on the side of his bottom left tip and he was standing on a platform that was followed by a white background. I shrugged it off and I tapped the X button.


The level loaded up on the first level of the Cosmos. I was shocked of what I saw. Davinci, Clive, Victoria, and Eve were not there. It was dark. So, I went down the pipe. The Music from the introduction music from LBP1 played and it was slowed down, echoing, and reversed. I was scared. When I walked to the right for 1 second I saw that the lights except the bottom right light was off. No prize bubbles were there. Also, The Pictures like the Avalon logo and the 'I created Science" Poster was covered in blood. I was scared out of my mind! I kept walking and went up the steps and pulled the lever. Then suddenly I heard Clive Handforth Crying. It was his actual crying. i went to the left to see why he was crying. Then suddenly he turned around. His Eyes were bloodshot and scary. He ran away. I had to go after him. So, I took the bounce pads up, and guess what. There were no sackbots playing the arcade machines. There was also blood on the arcade machines. I decided to continue to the right. The music stopped and before my eyes, I saw that the claw machine was coved in blood, empty, and cracked open. I saw a small message written in blood.

It said:

Help Me!

I wanted to take a picture of the message but my pop it wouldn't open. I just had to continue on and I was at the end of the level but there was no level link. Instead there was a door barred shut and a switch on the wall. Hmmm. What does this Switch do. So I pulled the Switch and for a few seconds this happened.

The door dissappeared and there was Clive. A scream sounded. The scream sounded like when you see tinky winky in Slendytubbies. My SackBoy was launched to the left. The scream became destorted and the level started to flicker. And the scream stopped and the level menu where you could leave a review and rate appeared. I saw that the picture in the corner was gone and By CliVE was now By _____. I Selected continue and a static screen appeared for 3 seconds and dissappeared. I was back at my pod and I was at the Cool pages again and the level was gone. I turned off my PS3 and changed the TV back to Discovery Channel.

If you ever see a level made by a user with the end of the name capitalized and it has a scary video game character. Do not Play it.

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