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Clarence was walking home from school when he saw Sumo crying. He asked Sumo what happened. Sumo stated that Joshua killed his family and left a note that said, "You're next ". As Jeff arrived, and they started planning on what to do next. Without warning, the screen was dim, and in less than a second it got darker to the point I couldn't even see what was going on. The startled screams of the 3 boys were highly audible. It was soon visible again, and now Jeff was gone. They saw a bush rustle, along with Jeff's decapitated head. The eyes were gouged out, and a red apple was stuffed in his mouth. The two remaining boys saw a note that said, "You're next, Clarence!". Both boys got scared and decided to arm themselves whatever weapon they can find. Clarence found a metal bat while Sumo took a wooden axe. As they approached the cliff, they saw Joshua on the cliff. They planned to hit him in the head with an their weapons so he would fall off the cliff. They raced up, and whacked him, but he didn't completely fall off. Then Joshua circled around Sumo and Clarence, and shoved them both off the edge. Clarence fell off the cliff while Sumo turned his head to the audience. He started to have red eyes and foam flooding out of his mouth. The boys still rose up to the top, and Sumo tackled Joshua and mauled him rapidly. Joshua was screaming in pain, and I was hoping he would die of blood loss from numerous of scars and cuts all over his body. A chunk of his hair and an ear were also mauled off. Despite that, he rose up and chucked Sumo off the cliff. Clarence then dashed off in terror. Joshua then spoke to the audience in a low voice and stated as listed:

"You better not say a word about this, or you're dead! Turn off your TV before it's too late or else I will really kill you! The screen will be pitch-black for a while. If you slow down your TV to a very slow frame rate, you will see all the boys and their relatives at Jeff's funeral. It's going to be difficult to see, but before it ends, the footage will shift to Jeff, Clarence, and Sumo's rotting carcasses. At the end of the footage, a white text in an eerie font will read, 'You're next'....."

oh and I've replied to comments and I've seen lots of hurtful ones. Please I know this isn't good,but I was bored and it's rude to just leave bad comments. Please keep any negative comments to yourself. The only comments I accept is helpful. And If I keep seeing bad ones, I'll just erase the whole thing, which sucks because most people liked it.

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