ChristianGame.EXE is a prequel to Christian.EXE (and is not the original player, but another person who has not seen Christian.EXE) showing how the madness started... Get ready to see the chaos it's causing!

Also this pasta is in the works... Give it time!


Flap Flap Flap


One more coin

The Pasta

It was a normal day. I was looking for games for my Windows XP laptop. 

A man with pale, white skin said:

"Come over here" He said as he let out a small chuckle

"Wha- What do you mean?!" I said

"JUST COME OVER HERE!!!" He yelled and it sounded like he said "your gonna die..." in a small not loud voice

He handed me a CD, It was a CD for computers... Except it had black marker that reads "CHRISTIAN.EXE"

Just as I was about to say "WHAT THE HELL MAN!!!" he was gone...

I ran out of the store, Headed home and inserted the CD into my laptop... 

I checked the files, and there was one file "CHRISTIANGAME.EXE" and a notepad file called "не играть в игру"

It was in Russian, I could not read it!

The game opened with the Green Hill Zone ground from Sonic 1, and a white sky...

It was fan made...

Or... so I thought...

The sprite of Christian was there, I was able to move him...

I moved him to the left and there stood Flappy Bird, and a text box that said:

"I'm the developer, Collect all 10 coins!"

Hmm... A simple task... 

I found 9 coins, A text box appeared it was from Christian:

"WHAT! I need more coins!"

I kept walking to the right, The scene started to change...

The sky was now red, Christian looked nervous...

The grass was now grey and dull... Then I saw Flappy Bird, His eyes were closed

Another text box appeared stating:

"Did you collect all coins?!" 

Christian said:

"Wel- Well... you see-"

Another text box appeared:

"You didn't..."

"You need a punishment!"

"What will it be?" He said with a demonic grin, His eyes opened...

They were Black with two glowing dots appearing out from the darkness

Christian noticed and he was angry and said:


"Your not Flappy!!!"

The Mocking Bird spoke and it wasn't a text box it was a Demon's voice:

"Of course i'm not..."

Then glitched text appeared saying:

"G4m3 0ver!!!"

Then I was taken back to the folder, Now a new file was there next to the glitched file:




The folder I had just played was now "43434343" and a new game was there!

The game begins in the "HILL, ACT 1" level with Giygas's theme from Earthbound playing

Even the white background was now Giygas

I could even hear Demon's growls and Flesh being taken off! 

It was all too real!

Christian was scared, He was crying... I could hear him say "Help me!" and "Why? Why didn't you collect them!?"

Even though his mouth was not moving...

I moved Christian Through what the game called "HELL". 

Flappy Bird appeared in front of Christian and said:

"Glad you can make it!"

"Were going to have fun!"

"First game... is... HIDE AND GO SEEK!!!"

I was brought back to the folder with the file I had played being now the same number patterning I had saw before

A new file was there it was Christian game 3, Except it was spelled wrong it was "ChrsitanGam333"

The game starts with the title "HIDE AND SEEK" with the "PRESS START" Option...

The game begins with a hellish land, The enemies to jump on were Demons

The "TIME" and "SCORE" were "34343434" and "522152221" with little bits of Corrupted text...

I instantly got killed by the Demons, They tore the poor guy open... Luckly... He was still alive!

I beated and Punched the Demons, Until they were no more!

Christian did a victory pose if he had won the level, Until... Turbo from Wreck it Ralph came in...

I watched Christian simply cower in fear as Turbo leapt high into the air

He jumped on the pathetic, weeping Christian again... and again... and again...

Until... A demon came out of Turbo and entered Christian's body...

Christian stood up, His eyes were black like Flappy's... But... More real...

The file ended with a screamer of The demonic Christian, and I was back to the folder...

I translated the notepad's name, Oh my god!


and I opened the file:


Which translates to:


I was scared, Until it happened...

Part 2

You could say this all "began" when I was checking some stuff on YouTube one night. I was watching some top 10 video on creepy moments in games. After seeing this one game in particular, I got a bit curious- Well, I say curious, but I'm pretty sure at this point I was actually controlled on some level. I'm sure that's how it works... I guess you could say I have my own reasons for regretting the day I heard the name 'Christian.exe' or anything about it for that matter. Even then, I don't actually think regret would be my word of choice.

I remember how Christian was taken over by evil, Maybe this could be my answers...

If anyone just stopped listening, fine. Maybe it's nice to stay ignorant. That is, until they might come across my kind of problems. But to anyone who's still here, you want to hear what I have to say? If you really want to know about this, and if you'll just understand or even believe that I'm trying to stop what follows in this things wake for real, then you will stay the hell away from it. There's a lot to wrap your head around. I don't even know where to begin. I guess carrying on about how I first exposed myself or got exposed would be a good start.

that aside for a second, I succeeded in getting the game and went through it. The version I got was just a replication of the original though. Extra stuff in it, but most importantly it wasn't the actual thing. Now, if by chance you haven't seen what this thing is, it's basically the first David Toons GBA game if it was done by Wes Craven on an especially bad day. 

I gotta say, as freaky as it must be for most people that don't have a stomach for horror, and maybe even a few that do, it couldn't go unexplored forever. Violence is everywhere you look and all that, am I right?

Seeing the characters after they were caught is what I remember most clearly. That, and the face at the end. But there were a couple of details that were a little off from what I saw in any vid.

It's easy to say there was something about the eyes, but in this case, there really was something about the eyes. The pupils. They were darker than I saw beforehand, and that wasn't my monitor. But the really weird part, was when I must have looked away for about a second then back again. This time they were really bright, and it made his eyes look bigger.

Oh Yeah. There was one other thing to mention. No feeling of fear... Only interest.

I obviously thought nothing of it back then, but now that I've had time to look back on all those points where I should have been afraid, it's amazing how much of an effect it has, and how much attention you don't pay. I felt I just had to find out anything else I could about it. I wanted to find the original version. Didn't even know why. I do now of course, but at the time? Like I said, totally oblivious.

But there was something in that moment that definitely signified things really starting.

Shortly after all that, Steam told me that someone named 'Christian' had added me as a friend. Curiosity got me of course. I opened the chat to say hi, but without anything saying they were typing, they said hi first, and this person knew my name...

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