The Pasta

I was on fart1ize's YouTube channel, I found (In my subscription box) that a new video called "Caveman RANTS.wmv" was made. 

It didn't say what Caveman was ranting on, Maybe it was a joke. The video starts with Caveman saying "Hi i'm Caveman, I'll be ranting on-" As soon as he said that, The screen corrupted. 

I couldn't see Caveman, The video ended. I heard a wisper from behind me...

"Your next..." 

It was a bloody Caveman puppet, With a knife in his hand. There were bloody puppets all around my house!

"I killed them!" Said Caveman "I killed them all!"

Caveman tried to stab me, I quickly ran to safety. I locked myself in the bathroom, I heard Caveman cutting open the door.

His head poked through the door, "HERE'S CAVEMAN!" He screamed.

My life was over...

I luckly stabbed the puppet, I ran back to my computer. The video coutinued...

Caveman was covered in human blood, He was staring at me.

His eyes were taken out and replaced with bloody holes, He spoke

"Today I will be ranting on the weegee board..." "I'll be talking to ghosts..."

Just then the puppet was thrown across the screen, The puppet bumped the wall

Caveman took a gun and shot himself, Thats when the video truely ended...

The next day, On the news They talked about a youtuber named fart1ize.

He was found dead, I was shocked...

I checked fart1ize's youtube channel, It said it never existed...

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